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Stock Car Race (Sire Records 1989)


   Red Hot Chilli Peppers may not be the only one white bands that being heavily influenced by Black Music to the dirties level that's going to give your head a real headache just like the mainstream music media when first hearing Royal Crescent Mob; the quartet from Columbus, Ohio that would sounded precisely like the insemination child from Sly and The Family Stone with whiter Jimi Hendrix ex-girlfriend on The Monkees love-boat's cruiser connections. The finest album from the band consisting of David Ellison (vocals), David Chichester (bass, organ, piano, vocals), Mr. B (guitars, vocals) and Carlton Smith (drums, percussion) written few good finest tracks here on this infamous Spin The World album that would pounding your butt-cheeks hard enough for an interracial sex on music by the tight combinations of Funk, Punk, Jazz-Rock and commercial Pop ala The Beatles and Motown Classic doing the threesome positions on your white stereo system - turning it to blacker side and perhaps, shall never going back. Dance your ass-off the songs of freedom of choice and manage to ditch your whiter bitch to the sophisticated black sisters instead, while listening to crunchiest performance from Royal Crescent Mob through Hungry, Nanana, Corporation Enema, Big Show to Silver Street and 5 More Minutes. You shall realized that Funk Rock is viciously staying low as it'll totally infecting the rest to go Motown where no white man ever did it before - on and on !

Spin The World: