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Sodomistic Malevolence (20 Buck Spin 2015)


   Abjections, eroticism or death didn’t mean any good to hear for some folks whom trusting their lives is to be as good as it gets so heaven will accepts them is just a bullshit comparing to thus themes written and composed into Extremity through Death Metal and Doomy tones as the riffage getting heavy and the growler vocals burst as a reminder that there’s nothing good but bad news towards reality of mankind’s life according to Vastum; the San Francisco’s Extreme Death Metal group breaking their silence within the release of the third recording from these five-piece Metalheads in Hole Below which means a lot for Adam Perry (drums), Shelby Lermo guitars), Luca Indrio (bass), Leila Abdul-rauf (guitars, vocals) to vocalist Daniel Butler whom praising the gore-rotted aspects, eternal death and sorrow, crushing beats and militant audiences; bursting about the long road to walk through the madness or chaos planet among sins of the mankind and the seductive lust for greed ready to swallowing up the entire civilizations as being told in the most metallic ways on Amniosis or Intrusions or Empty Breast or In Sickness and In Death.

As the album being so damn louder playing on your stereo, one will discovers that the Anti-Christ is real as he’s here ! 

Hole Below: