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Silent Bloody Night (Relapse Records 1999)


   Chainsaw Dismemberment must be produced and creates only fitted for maniac mutilators scattered across America or the perfect soundtrack for any slasher movies within the horrific blood-thirsty theme and lyrics and the annihilated beats of Death Metal at its purest form; Rabid, Mauled Beyond Recognition, Mass Mutilation, Drown in Your Blood and Island of The Dead might really sounded like about what if Serial Killer turning to redneck living in a remote small ranch in the middle of nowhere – waiting for some unlucky stupid guests or tourists whom lost their direction and had to stay for a night at the maniac’s cabin or farmhouse according to Mortician.
   Later after being drag to the stake outside while you watching your friends one by one being slaughtered by the killer; your best friend already hanged and died while your beloved girlfriend tied up next to you losing her leg already; started to bleeding to death - as horror glorified by Mortician. 
   The massive terror-zone themes like gore and slasher keeping this NYC group moved away to Las Vegas and consisting as just a trio of Desmond Tolhurst (guitars), Roger J. Beaujard (guitars, drum programming) and Will Rahmer (bass, vocals) sounded devastating and fucking scary especially with their samples full of horror and violence given parents the disease they’ve deserve. 

This band will crushing you instead, grab your neck and feasting upon your lifeless body; eating your skin while playing their "genuine" Death Metal !

Chainsaw Dismemberment:!mkHcu7ww/mortician-1999-chainsaw-dismemberment-320-rar