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Sic Volvere Parcas (Trollzorn Records 2013)


   Blending the infamous Death Metal on the early phase with their heritage of Black Folk Metal Pagan exceeded like a blasting explosions of fire from the depth of Hell itself commonly sounded similar to Dani Filth and co. as these Rome, Lazio group Stormlord emerging again within their latest efforts on Hesperia. Concluding the fast and scary double pedal beats as well as the screaming growler vocals duets as performing by Christiano Borchi (vocals), David Folchitto (drums) or Gianpaolo Caprino the multi-instrumentalist shredder and the rest of the band members filling up your nightmare moments with not only by ferocious Black Metal but also the tinged of Gothic Rock on it as the tracks coming to devastate the ordinary night time of your life through the conquering grooves demented and crushing off Motherland, Onward to Rome, Bearer of Fate or My Lost Empire. You shall falling in the darkest love pit with this album and the most ancient artistic renaissance movements can be captured through it very well and externally brutal ...