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Shadows Over Eden (Bandcamp 2013)


   Kinds of Alien-Nation music incorporated or might be called unofficially as Scifitronic which blending Psy-Trance to Ambient House as well as other noises experiment through excessive mysterious project from New Zealand signing the extra communications within the supreme beings from another galaxies or dimension symbolized as The Gray creatures travelling the billion light-years away headed to Planet Earth, doing serious abductions of hundred humans for experimental purposes taken or snatched silently over decades as the governments kept the secret locked inside their journal books or documents of thus events. Trinity Ward must be some kind of a project for spreading the facts and the hidden agendas towards music through out the globe with highly small effects not too exposed quite well but little by little can sending the sense of furor worldwide soon after the terrible abductions event happening again up to dates. The low key of enriched Ambient sounds which mixed with controllable beats must be the main key for opening either new perspective of knowing the truth surroundings the failed investigations on Aliens or just another way to established their mind control games among us secretly not traced by sensibility where the haunting rhymes, out of this world signals and improper messages shall be heard by the listeners on this specific Soul Destroyer album. Track listing released by Trinity Ward on this record must be a manifestations of a decoded task manages to influencing the audiences slowly unnoticed to obeying the astral codes inside it from outer space for such strange display of tracks like Overflight, Oblivion, Among The Ruins and Utterances of Emergency During Daytime would hypnotizing you to sleep - missing some of the slight moments of your time but actual facts showing that you've been missing for couple hours or the worst; never to returning back ...

Soul Destroyer: