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Seventh Ritual (Hellbound Recordings 2006)


   Gothenburg/Stockholm Heavy Thrash Metal that used to be an all-female band once but after several replacement of the members, left remaining only Mia Larsson on vocals, guitars, bass, music and lyrics with her two male companion Mojjo on drums and soloist/shreds by Chris Loud as Dracena (the group) releasing their debut full studio album Infernal Damnation which not sounded too pleasurably metallic but as the female vocalist whom would reminding us about the dark-haired version of Arch Enemy’s front-woman within her rabid growl vocals and slicing sla-sherds that kills the audiences still becoming the essential Heavy Metal extremity sounds labeled to Sweden as a sacred land scenes.
   Faster tempos, aggressive themes and Dante’s favorable fans – leading you to entering the band’s dungeon gates within tracks like Circle of Blood, Purified In Pain, Skull of Doom or I prey upon the damned straight Into The Infernal Domains to hell-hole. 

Infernal Damnation: