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Ruzgarin Kizi (Esen Plak 2008)


   Turned out to be a solo project of the multi-instrumentalist rocker Soner Canozer whom playing the guitars, keyboards, piano to yayli tambur and bass guitar or vocals with the recording process for this Almora but then concluded the rest of these names to completing this group that playing the great wisdom off Symphonic Goth-Metal as they're pushing the awaken up alive of the hometown Istanbul, Turkey to accepting the rise of this genre music of Heavy Metal branches for public displays. The last album from Almora entitled Kiyamet Senfonisi (means similar to The Symphony of Doomsday) must be one helluva good works from the band as far as their prolonging career through out the Metal scene music deals that has brought the higher tides and the lower ones to them; Almora which also includes drummer Arbak Dal, Burak Kulaksizoglu on bass guitar, Bilge Koocarcslan (flute,violin) and the vocalists Duygu Sahin and Ozel Konug bringing their skills of performing combines with Soner's talents on writing songs and arranging the music and orchestral sections build the inner-self special characters for not just the band themselves but also the national identity to the entire Turkish Prog-Symphonic Metal scene enjoying their perfect moments of sweeter honey drinks to creating and gave you and the rest of the Metal world a great taste of harmony Goth-Metal symptoms captured inside the tracks on Kiyamet Senfonisi like Tilzim, Iyiler Siyah Giler, Su Masali (like water), Satilik Krallar (the sold out kings) or Gidenlerin Ardindan (the outgoing then); truly - has given us the remarkable knowledge about the richer Turkish Culture using the magnificent form of Symphonic Metal delivering on it's graceful and mysterious blended with mystic touch by Almora.

Ayisigi Savascisi ...