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Rambling Heart (Back In Rock 2014)


   Riding high or driving low on the highway crossing the desert or just viewing the scenery onyour left and right sides feels the chilling wind blowing in the mid-temperature as it seems that climate might changes a bit and the announcing of mighty Blues Rock blasting on your stereo from the French band Backroads; composed by the members - Franck Morteaux (bass), Nicolas Ammollo (drums), Sylvaine Deschamps-Garcia (vocals) and Oliveres et Febrice Dutour (guitars) bringing their bluesy Hard Rock mixed to the next level of high maintenance and groovy beats to make up your quiet boring days to be alive again through the releasing of the Lyon based group's Self-Titled debut album Backroads. Power duty of heavier Classic Rock with Blues-edges with semi-Pop Rock and wiser lyrics would sounded gladly comforting the minds and souls to cradle back to civilization again as the day becoming much much better after tracks like The Running Man, Flesh of The World, Shadows of Loneliness and The Escape cranking loud enough to putting the spiritual essence of your triggered back to where it belongs !

Classy performance from female vocalist Sylvaine and the rest of the band looking solid to enjoy.