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Propaganda New World (Dwell Records 1999)


   World of Pain: A Tribute to Sepultura is one hell of a fully respectable salutations from the newer generation of both Thrash Metal, Modern Metal and other Extreme branches of Heavy Metal which being influenced by The Cavalera Brothers’ kicks within tons of their headbangers tracklisted albums for over decades as one of the basic pillars of thus hard and heavy music scene as the rebellion themes about the underworld, death, war, socialism and anti-dominations tyranny; caught almost completely through this compilations of more extreme version of Sepultura cover numbers. We got names like Crematorium did Arise well, Fractura with Nomad, Hostile Intent bringing Roots as well as Amen tackled by Hate Theory to Troops of Doom by Decay of Salvation.
   This is all that you can swallow properly cause fourteen songs recorded here might not symbolized the exactly exceeded force of how Sepultura’s destructible effects for corrupted governments and police brutality had to pay for what they did around the band’s hometown in Belo Horizonte or Sao Paulo can actually affecting the entire worldwide but for now, just lead the way of you and your metal-heads friends doing some of those small rebel acts around you like blown up a sweat-shop or burnt a worshiping place fueled of lies. 

World of Pain - Tribute to Sepultura: