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Paper Princess (Scarlet 2012)


   Parfume-scented new musical discovering of Symphonic Metal band from Paris, France with the great mixing on Prog-Metal skills and beauty blonde front-woman leading the scene of this genre of Heavy Metal music making the healthy developments for the entire European hard music community finding their ways over the cradle of foggy road leads to temptations and success to grow bigger than before. Whyzdom must be one of thus undeniable choice you might had to added more collectible of Symphonic Rock or Metal forms as the incredible sounds produced for their record - Blind ? must be a correct answer for other beautiful acts of this type of Heavy Metal throughout the blue continent such as Dutch's Within Temptation or Italy's Lacuna Coil. Meet the six-piece members of Whyzdom from the founder Vynce Leff, Tristan Demurger, Nico Chaumeaux, Regis Morin, Marc Ruhlmann and the leading role female singer Marie Mac Leod; performing their best efforts so far through this album onward the softer slow-beats with tiny acts referring to Pop culture but covers it with the giant excessive power on Heavy Metal, Speed Metal and Gothic harmonies concluded on the lyrics about mythology or fantasies as you would love to listening via the courageous bountiful tracks such as The Wolves, The Spider, Dancing with Lucifer to Venom and Frustration under the magnificance malificent.

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