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Nineteen Six Seven (Spitfire Records 2001)


   The last finale instrumental album from one of the best Desert/Stoner Rock trio acclaimed themselves from Morgantown, West Virginia after the vocalist departures leaving the three rocker warriors of Nathan Limbaugh (drums), uitarist William Mecum and bassist Rich Mullins sounded like the destructive alienated planet from the inner-side of its core with the devastating threats combinations off Hard Rock, Blues, Southern Metal as well as an alternated current of Rock visions; going towards another dimension without vocals just like an automatic mother-ship rocketing itself to another galaxies straight on course. These instrumental tracks from the album - Almost Heathen had the background influences of non-spoken words recording because human voice sometimes telling lies more dangerous than things caused by evil through recapitulations or salvation but ended up as just another fake broken promises. That's why this group Karma To Burn choose to leaving the gateway for vocals department an empty slot - while cranking their skillful bursting tempos to punished all whom opposed the kinds of Heavy Metal-instrumental recording like this one appears. Provided enough with everything loudly rocking except vocals on it; you shall bow down to these trio once and for all - right after listening to Thirty Four to Forty - where Five is not stranger than Thirty Five and Thirty Nine equals three an ultimate Stoner to Burnt !

Almost Heathen: