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Nematari Desert Queen (Season Of Mist 2016)


Screamo did changes to Metalcore but Black Metal days; some of the bands out there already to setting you up on fire within this Oslo, Norway's most Extreme performance.
These Dark Metal/Blackened Metal rockers needs to grab whatever it takes when they just got the great influences (fortunately) from the independent European which already determines Sons of Balaur’s Black Metal music in general which sounded fast, dangerous and their raw attitudes. 
The blasphemous album of them -  Tenebris Deos carrying the group’s representations on blasting Heavy Metal extreme, seeing by the songs of cult realm and rituals as the invisible non-mainstream’s format tracks such as Old Relics, Succubus Slut, The Curse of Bloodlust. 
The nameless loyal personel, the targeting for religious activists and the crazy Black Metal who didn’t really trying to understand about why on earth Sons of Balaur written down Van Helsing must Die, Athena Bitch Betrayer and Soldier of Darkness already ready to destroying symbols from it’s holy and let someone called Tenebris Deos the mother of all-supreme beings whom liking atmospheric Black Metal like this release from Sons of Balaur. 

Prepared to dig your enemies grave after you fought thus raiding christian mobs - in hatred of self-defense; cutting their heads off !

Tenebris Deos: