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Miracle Hello Twice Shy (Plateselskapet A/S 1988)


   Former rockers in several groups such as TNT and Diezel joining the biker gangs Hell’s Angels; the Trondheim, Norway as Morten Dahl didn’t immediately closing his rock career so soon cause Diesel Dahl the drummer keeps on coming back to Hard Rock for more.

  On this Drums of War album release from the eighties era compassionately leading its way though Glam Metal, Hair Metal and Pop-Metal in mixes where success and being mainstream would be: high-pitched tones of vocals, pomping rock beats, romance and also ruling the world as rockstars performing by Diesel’s Dahl Tindrum. 

   The familiar quartet with a girl member might also attracting more male rockers to liking this album as Sid Ringsby did the bass and backing vocals, Trond Oien on all guitars and backing vocals, Diesel Dahl drumming his for his lives and Tove leading the vocals as frontman. 

   Don’t get rushy and under-estimated first cause you might didn’t know about how awesome this band project writing their songs and composing their loudest great Rock radio tones like usual. 

   Sing along and bang your head through the anthem track Midnight Dynamite, Horoscope and Stranger in Paradise while the crispy ballad’s waiting for you to holding on to romance and let the broken-heart wounds being cured by these Norwegians Hair rockers. Four stars fro this recording. 

Yes, four stars !!!

Drums of War: