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Melt ! (Polydor Records 1982)


   Pretty much associated with the Punk-Rock movements in London, England but the quartet of Siouxie and the Banshee are a nocturnal shape-shifter adding their own distinctive taste for gloomy sorrow sounds from Goth-Rock influences crawling around them as it creeping inside the releasing records from the band themselves. Consisting of lead female vocalist with dark hair with a very strange name Siouxie Sioux, John McGeoch on guitars and keyboards, Steven Severin playing bass guitar/organ and Budgie on drums and percussion; the group coming back with the release of their fifth studio album entitled A Kiss in The Dreamhouse combining the Post-Punk and Goth-Pop with Neo Psychedelic providing the enriched musical performance but still the essential power lies on the gripping slower tempos, New Wave beats and hollow vocals wandering around dark corners, seeing the tubular lights approaching and gone in seconds as the cold ashes fell from the Sandman’s bundle spreading and sent the listeners into a deep sleep as they’re dreaming. Various images might coming and blurred inside your mind while the poetic eerie atmosphere build in steps as the moon turning pale; one can hears the screeching low noise or form silence a breathing sound emerges.
   Closing to the slipping for deeper fall-down as everyone calming down – the tracks form Siouxie and the Banshee shall comforting them in an insurance of insecurity about the ending and the live itself through the madness crashing songs like Cascade, Green Fingers, Obsession, She’s  a Carnival and Painted Bird; carrying your wishes and imaginations into the gates where the lock finally found and the gloom lit moonshine leads the path along the escaping invisible door from harm, from reality, from modern catastrophic society.  

A Kiss in The Dreamhouse: