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Meant Regret (Rigorism Production 2013)


Depressive misanthropy, psychedelics paranormal, hating life must be the main aims of the Deland/Cocoa Beach, Florida Atmospheric Black Metal band Starless Night; which through their recording of Emotionally Scarred and Dead... as the primal beginning of an outstanding beautiful intro changing instantly into the real skin-covers of more aggressive approaches for the duo of mysterious initials only as A (playing all instrumentals) and M on vocals. Background the gray darker skies that blowing slower dead fuse towards the surroundings and as the marytrdom dies in the West while the Northern sons looking back very carefully to the old ancient ways for the costs of freedom found inside the magical Paganism and Atheism views beyond knowledge that you can even imagined; with sorcery and black force tasks touch the inner essential of our blackest hearts as the once we used to born with before everything changed causing by the testaments of lies brought by the cross and the filthy empire of greed to our front doors. There'll be nothing sacred anymore due to Fuck Your Needed for Emotionally Connections or The Emptiness in My Soul Controls My Mind becoming the truth erasing the lying sick tongue of thus lights that over decades cannot fulfilling the needs of humanity to develops. As the vultures awaited; so did desperation and malignant to blossoms.