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Lucky Ain’t Down (Self-Released 2013)


   By the likes of Fu Manchu, Thin Lizzy, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple among others; the Monterrey’s Rock N’ Roll distillers trio – 3 Wheeler Band with Adrian G on vocals/guitars, Jose M on drums and Davo C on bass guitar adding some more alcoholic ingredients to offer off Heavy Rock and Stoner through their seducer riffs and cranking attitudes put them onto the record – Smoke N’ Groove where you can headbanging or kicking crazy almost like a maniac while getting drunk and smoking hard or holding your sexy senoritas tight listening to the best tones created by this group within the certain ten tracks recorded here as the essential rock formation to the beauty Blues licks in drunken arrangers truly spontaneous but rhyming and delicious to hear.

   Let’s get it on with Me & My Jack, Beg for mercy, Purple Light, My Hangover and Fuckin’ Issues or Daredevil Woman. 

Don’t take it too damn wrong but this record may starting a bar fight at one exact point.

3 Wheeler band: