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Konrete Metropolis (Ground Control Records 2000)

Critically positive with the maintaining of the used on futuristic beats, social value issues lyrics and as this duo of Zion I bring Hip-Hop not as firearm but tools and media for expressions on freedom of speech; rewarding them both – Bab Zumbi (Mc Zion) and K-Genius the DJ with their heads high representing Oakland, CA and the rest enriched scene of West Coast – slower intensive tones, groovy beats power words but staying away from unawareness of violence has giving Zion I respects from some of the well-known music media like The Source, Alternative Press to Allmusic as Mind Over Matter album released and hit the record store in the new millennium quickly attracts attention from  the bigger amount of Hip Hop community and lovers along with the curious audiences. Lots of performers featured on the album like Planet Asia, Mrs. Gaines or Khalid Aaalim which proclaiming the holy acknowledgement of being a clever moves for the Hip Hop steps in the next hours of progressive changes happening real soon on the mainstream music world as this type of Alternative Rap emerging again through the small righteous evolution like this duet rapper having their lyrics flown higher and the smart wiser words can encouraging people to do more help rather than hating each other with various kinds of reason to tell. The non-commercial approaches really having something here from Mysterious Wayz, A Little Change, Rap Degreez, Inner Light, One, Trippin, The Choice or How Many and etc.