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King Kharon Oblivion (Artery Recordings 2011)


My Damnation might be our ultimate semi-mainstream stays in front of the underground gate kinds of album where you will finding the true statement about how extremely whiter" is this album from the Salt Lake City's Death-core band Chelsea Grin or not to mentioning to be sounded too racial but yes, you shall agree that Chelsea Grin is searching for the moment to unlocked the door of screamo mixing with Death/Thrash and other extreme ingredients boiling up the newer Heavy Metal forms towards younger listeners and fresher as an anthem for surviving the hardest century on the new millennium after finding the lost key that can hold a nation to bow down and obey the chosen few sounds leading by Hard Music magnet. Presenting nothing but distorted heavy riffs and crushing tones related to the sickest sickness infected our generations for a long time via degenerating values, fake freedom and suspicious society preying upon secrecy and race wars might all completely wrapped into aggressive mission music played by the band to scalping your head-skin out as trophy and leaving hundreds head-banging to the intensive thrashy-core growlers and drilling melodies of scary solos through the track-list of Behind a Veil of Lies, Everlasting Sleep, Cursed, The Foolish One or Calling in Silence. Feel the anger, the marginalized and the one opinion over destruction towards the very important but bullshit rules applying to be established for ruining your life to dust !

My Damnation: