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Judas Shit Burn (Sleaszy Rider Records 2013)


   Sounded like a package of full blown chaos grinding Death Metal version of Cannibal Ferox movies in a characterized physical form of Extreme Metal music soundtrack for them made afar from Athens, Greece by this local extremist metalheads calling themselves In Utero Cannibalism (as a band) consisting of Miltos (guitars), Stefanos (bass), Vassilis (vocals), Alex K (drums) and Mike (guitars) reinventing the segression blending of mutilation, gore, death, corpses and killings in a total devastating delivery of Death Metal sounds, the bloody artwork that usually banned in the most of civilized countries but always being searched by Death Metal fanatic fans and music collectors for their originality, destructive ideas and honesty for making brutal music not for fun or fame but the real taste of insanity living inside our DNA chains since we were born or invented somewhere.
   Dead Nation, Piece of Shit, Judas, Lab Rats to Eradicate and Lockdown might be some of thus best highlight tracks too sick too listening by people like you through this infamous album release named Sick …  

Sick album: