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Incognita Peacock Flying (Argonauta Records 2016)


   Born out of Paris with the bundle of Doomy Sludge and Stoner disease that perhaps, already injected to infects the whole Metal music scene right after Eagles of Death Metal shocking the public of the perfume's capital city of the world just before the terrible bloody day incident of terror that killing many but as the mourns faded and the memory of the lost healing up - left there on the quiet corner of Bataclan Theatre, the darker seeds of the new emerging force reborn onto the scenery of Sludgy, Doomed Metal that sounded scarier better then ever before. Frank Sabbath must be one of thus names of the next generations of this type of Heavy Music invaded Paris bigger than the fear of another attacks from cowardice terrorists around; growled riffs slower like certain death giving the atmosphere a sights of black skies as the mourned people still clutching their hopes and hatred turning to revenge inside the burning-hearts broken but not giving up - as the effects of doomsday trumpets via six strings melodies and heavy pounding drums backgrounding the darkest days in the history of Paris forever changed. The Doomy trio: bassist Guillaume Jankowski, Baptiste Reig on drums, Jude Mas (guitars, vocals) hand in hands with sound engineer Leo Minart recorded their album Telluric Wanderers as filled up by the influences from both Sabbath, Zappa and other Spacerock/Prog-Psychedelic/Grimecore they can get from everywhere. The spoken words alerting the terror days are coming this time of the year again - as preparations for war already stated and manages; the mystic Earth shall be everlasting see the destruction among men and their civilizations against one to another but the themes here related more to the searching of universal peace through knowledge and magic since Hawkwind starting it decades ago. Inner Doom-Outer Doom-Ducks on Drugs, Ascension-Subterranean or Doumedilalune-Noisnecsa would be your humble proof about the dying wishes and hopes among this century's future plans for mankind living their colony far onto a remote planet million light-years away from our last home ...

Telluric Wanderers: