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Identity Theft Pistol (VX Records 2005)

Clearance the path as the ways aren’t smooth anymore in this life but whatever you do; stay strong and keep going forward as the mind might becoming too tricky to you and on a perfect moment where everything seemed not working anymore you decided too early too soon to kill yourself without a fight cause Beyond Virtue, Beyond Vice album recorded by this Screamo-Rock group Vaux from Denver, CO really would be given much perspective about the thin line between positivism and it’s opposite negation on the other side of a coin. 
The five-piece members leads by Quentin Smith on vocals to Joe McChan (drums), Adam Tymn(guitars), Chris Sorensen (guitars) and Greg Daniels (keyboards); changing from Eiffel to Vaux after two years touring on the East parts of United States within the surf-crowds music loudly and small minor success indicator forcing the band to go much further, striking while the iron still hot and releasing the albums before they decided to disbanded themselves. 
Contradicting with the aims retold on the lyrics about not surrender but as the ashes getting colder maybe the little legacy through Need to Get By, Are You with Me, A Simple Man, The Last Report from… and Burn The bandwagon can be digging form out of thus remains which the combinations of Alternative Rock/Hardcore and little less non-hedonist Pop cannot saving the status or history of the Screamo scene from a short memory-loss syndrome to devastate in couple years but leaving the seeds of making the rest Post-Rock and Indie music great again later.