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Ghost Car Distance (Wynona Records 2004)


   Almost the end of the year as wondering where you really are right now for being busy doing silly things or just losing your own memory and letting the cutest girl in the world restlessly grabbing vain while you never returning back to keep your own promises to her might currently based to this recording debut album from these Rome, Italy Pop-Punk group that shall getting their fame through the internet very soon as Waiting for Something released and hit the record store. Sounded just like Blink 182 without too much silliness provides through their lyrics of romance and brokenhearted stories covered inside the band's semi-standard fast popped up recording and sounds performing by the quartet Daniele Brian Autore or Vincenzo Mario Christi (vocals, guitars), Francesco Sarsano on bass guitar and drummer Jacopo Volpe trying to took attentions from the biggest crowds of teenagers on many places in Europe cities to liking them and little by little that aim seemed to working out fine. Alarming the relationships which already long-time gone after the boy-lover went away without any messages like being swallowed by the ground completely whilst the blonde beauty keeps on hoping even she knew that everything wouldn't be turning better anymore. Cherished with the aspects subjectively open for mostly teenagers problems and short life issues right here; you shall being in love with whether some of the songs of just a few ones - Looking for Memories, 70 Miles Far Away, Your Words and Never Falling Star are the non-rejected anthems for fixing a broken kids out there before school arrives back to starts.

PS. A good gift for a birthday too !

Waiting for Something: