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Fuck With Boots On (Professor Black 2009)


   Combining the thrashy, filthy and crazy refilled of Rock N' Roll and Heavy Metal by the shades of legendary names influences like Motorhead or any Southern Rock and sleazy bands before them; this Pennsylvanian rockers - Superchrist isn't your innocent christians as the music is definitely fast, rude, ugly and dirty in lyrics, images and you can actually, do the headbanging alot through the album's loudest volume playing on the fucking stereo. Don't laugh because you didn't know them but brace yourself to trying the record - Defender of The Filth and feel the reasoning why you should having them before the first place where there's no too damn late perhaps, once you grab them and cranking it on your tape at maximum blown up the whole mini bar's out.
   The Superchrist's trio of Chris Black (vocals, bass, song-writer), Ian "The Pit Viper" Sugierski (drums) and Hank Bitchlover (guitars, song-writer) recorded these ten tracks fueled of everything essentially must have been there inside the great motherfucking rock records and yes, you will loving them - yet, every single of them through the maniac solos, faster craving rhythms and lunatic drum-plays as the banging music torturing your family until after midnight and perhaps, forever because this one is helluva best records in the world so far for us. Blasting them out loud and extremely drunk as you know it - Peace of Ass, Infernal City, Evil Essence and Stay Black may proclaiming the true faith inside our heart freely from being contaminated by the material-world that sucks balls to dry; like listening the ghost of Lemmy rocking out with his motherfucking band from Hell and back for more !

Defenders of The Filth: