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Fuck Technology Pocket (Lengua Armada Discos 1997)


   Needs only lasted for three years since the group from Dekalb, Illinois formed - Charles Bronson taken their name from the famous filmstar playing on the most notorious violent themed movies to be the infamous band's highlighted recognition on the Crust-Core Punk scene around the globe; releasing only one studio album Youth Attacks! and totally would destroying your minds through the listed provocative ideas and titles of their self-written sickening fast and dangerous violent praised rebellion tracks like The Only Time I about Romance is when I Wonder Why I Don't Think about it, The Painful Yet Unavoidable Deathstar Comparison, Let's start another war so I can sing about Stopping it to more destructive fueled violence just like you being beaten up by those mean selfish sons of bitches outside the small dirty bar to death. The madness hatred screamer vocals by the frontman Mark McCoy and the rest of names of other members comes and go throughout the deranged years of presenting crude crust form of rebel Punk/Thrash in the audiences face as the band touring almost everywhere especially, abandoned places where abandoned hopes and souls dwell and the sort of infected ill-disposed manners, the aggressive music, fucking harsh lyrics and anti-materialism of non-commercial as the main characters of these gunshot group for keeping the flame of fighting the new world order's production wheels of greed continues !

Youh Attack: