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Fok Julle Naaiers (Zef Recordz 2012)


   Providing the shocking zap-hits of explicit lyrics and dirty mouthed blends of Electronic, Dubstep, Hip-Hop, Grime and Rock into the unique self-styling suicidal duet from Cape Town; Die Antwoord (means The Answer in local Afrikaans) with the lovers, haters turns to Gangsta-Rap dynamic duet of party crashers Ninja and Yolandi Visser – you cannot resist to calling them weirdy stranger with scary looks with fucking tons of tattoos and out of this world hair-cuts releasing their second studio album filled with harsh words and even weirder tones and noises mixed into a pleasurable recordings that you can counting on too when the times turning bad and the situations getting so fuckin’ boring. Sounded like an illegal collisions between one of evil kinky version of Britney meets the white gang bang team doing the role-play on a black interracial scene having sex to a female DJ on an abandoned and haunted basement.
   Ten$ion is the album that making Die Antwoord famous and sexier by the sounds more than ever and at first, these duo didn’t really realized it. Fatty Boom Boom, Baby’s On Fire, Hey Sexy to U Make a Ninja Wanna Fuck coming on stage like the infamous movements on boxing ring – fly like a butterfly and stung like a bee; captured straight on the album but with the addition of more monstrous looks and blood on it mixing all the strangest ingredients like Bhangra-Pop, Techno-Wrock to Filthy Soul motions decided who’s in-charge your stereo now. 

   Die Antwoord must be a new name arriving from another galaxy. So Never Le Nkemise, So What ? cause DJ Hi-Tek Rulez to slapping U Freeky !!!