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Fog Spellbook (Bandcamp 2012)


Choosing the left hand path-ism to operates their ancient Rock N' Roll jams performance as the mixing highly contains of Pyschedelic, Prog-Rock, Blues and Hard Rock to the little less Stoner/Southern scent on to it that this York, PA band calling themselves Witch Hazel might directly, induced the horror-side of Sabbath's tones into their veins long time before everything on their sounds turning much brighter like these days. Witch Hazel's unit consisting of vocalist Nate Tyson, guitarist Andy Craven, Siebert Lowe the bass guitar player and Nick Zinn on drums really didn't go too damn far from the Doomy Occult Rock in a poly rhythmic frills, double duty guitars and the forsaken lyrics dragging the dark-side of mankind's mind and ideas which sounding half profiling unique and half eerie. The releasing of their album - Forsaken Remedies really would caught anyone whose dig Black Sabbath, Devil's Blood or even the late seventies Rocky Horror Show's influenced Rock brigades - amusing to amazed their audiences through the chosen few songs recorded here like De La Tombe, Moon People Unite, Land of The Phantoms and Secret Door; pleasantly - led by the perfect session jams and how the lead singer proving that he's not just another Ozzy impersonators brought this dark-themed jewels to the masses on the edge of Classic and mainstream Rock populations.

Forsaken Remedies: