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Fiend Loyalty (DRT Entertainment 2005)


   The clown face smiling for seeing how the conditions of a nation divided after the tragic event more to be a conspiracy cover-up products facilitated by the merciless government themselves and sacrificing the minority for the greater good’s sake may giving the back-draft results and this Nu Metal unit from Minneapolis, Minnesota will breaking their silence as these six-piece group – American Head Charger trying to open up your mind once again as they’re come blasting by shoving the truth and lies through the third album release The Feeding.
   When most of the ordinary citizens today are really feasting on hoaxing or fake issues swarming the internet the angry sixers: Cameron Heacock (vocals), Chad Hanks (bass), Justin Fouler (keyboards, samples), Bryan Ottoson (guitars), Chris Emery (drums) and Karma Singh Cheema (guitars) producing their own sounds that fast enough for charging the memory of their audiences to separates the in-between of invisible lines dividing the truth above the faking information spreading by the absolute power of secret society either you’re Alt-Right or Leftist as well as the problems of America getting mounted higher and higher each and every year and the time-bombs ticking in such an unpredictable way possibly happening in chain-commands led by the group of unsatisfied minority groups or lone wolves whom targeting casualties of collateral damages like you can finding them in themed lyrics on thus squashed banging groovy beats from tracks like Pledge Allegiance, Ridicule, Take What I’ve Taken or Erratic; loads with explosive screamo vocals or intense riff-age. 
   Closing the year with smart bombs made at home to shaking the legal approved governments to kneeling down under the colossal form of fear. 

The Feeding: