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Felleg Utjan (Self-Released 2011)


   Mohalepte album from the Hungarian Neo-Folk group The Moon and The Night Spirit rebirths their kind of entity being force onto the calm but eerie symphonic sounds making the music flicks with invisible ectoplasm blended with Classic Cult Folklore and traditional broadcasting hymns from the dense darker center of the forbidden old forest. Dreamy atmosphere and crawling harmony vocals and songs that written and performing  by Agnes Toth and Mihaly Szabo flowing like ancient magic spells as the interpretation for Mohalepte itself means the rock covered by moss and more “strange” language of the track-titles such as Ideben (iceberg), Kerekbolcso associated with round hand, Zoldparasz or Holdfarazsolt which armed with clean angelic vocals singing the praises for Holy Mother Earth and Her deep blessings over the entire seasons due to the respects from Her children of the Earth and the rest of the forest dwellers once again quietly living in prosperity without  any distractions and disturbance from the outside world – eating itself up day by day creating the suffer from within.
   The amusing multi-instrumnetalist forms off violin’s symphonies and keyboards wrapping the vocals harmony seems to be attached to the spiritual guidance made eternally preserved by The Moon and The Night Spirit way of life praying that this silent environmental will forever be saved unharm. Beautiful treasury of Neo-Folk touch on the elements alive !