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Enraged Mercy Betrayer (Napalm Records 2016)


   Having their fictional concept of stories on the recording session based off the group's basic Metalcore/Modern Metal approaches that carried by this Falkenberg's unit The Unguided consisting of Roger Sjunnesson (guitars, vocals), Roland Johansson (lead guitars), Richard Sjunnesson (vocals), Henric Carlsson (bass) and Richard Schill (drums) collectively sounded just like the rest of the Extreme Metal gang off the Roadrunner's catalogs during the early new millennium with their fast and melodic combinations between riffs and shredding solos as the growler/screamo/clean vocals moving in balance as variations which already sounded boring but luckily for The Unguided; they got a young good looking faces which can becoming another plus points for themselves as teenager's fanatic girl fans to the pin-ups and centerfolds on mainstream magazines.
   The Lust and Loathing recording itself didn't quite sounded bad after all; having thus Progressive blends and well-produced really could given a beginner audiences to learning more in a safety slower way towards King of Clubs, Heartseeker, Phobos Grip and Boneyard - as we can taste the central sparks from the band's bitter romance and semi-Glam Rock roots lying down there ...

Lust and Loathing: