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Desdemona Superfast (Mr. Bongo 2014)


Some might never knew that The Sex Pistols’ bass player Paul Cook actually can falling in love and married a singer Jennie Matthias from The Belle Stars and then, having a daughter whom becoming a Reggae vocalist when she grows up as the shortened story introducing us to Hollie Cook and with her clever moves due to her talented souls within inside having a great musical genes from both sides of her parents bloodlines; Hollie Cook soon becoming one of the members of The Slits until the band disbanded leaving not too many choices for her to continues as a solo performer. Combining the powr spiritual messages from Roots Reggae, Pop and Post-Punk concluded finally on the releasing of her second studio album – Twice that not only holding on to thus musical influences mentioned up there but also Dub Music that can easily sounded gripping onto you while your body trying to dance while your mind think twice to assembles the rhythmic beats which coming out slower, relaxing and the same time artistic just like the real and original Dub recording in time when Malcolm McLaren or Johnny Rotten’s experiments still producing more recordings on praising either the magnificent bastards effect from Reggae and Dub but also the next mixing of Ska and Rocksteady in the generalized marginal points where this type of music comes back again later.
   The comprehensive Afro-Rastafarian thick sounds and colors shall leaving you amazed to learning more about the legacy of the West Indies souvenirs from the late 70’s semi-mainstream music in UK. Hollie’s sweeter vocals really turning the stagnant beats and the tide for this kind of music to keeps being independent as Twice releasing nine songs recorded on it; dance slowly or try to keep up with the flowing voice and lyrics of our colored-skin singer on Postman, Looking for Real love, 99 and Tiger Balm. 

Here’s to you Rasta-men and women !