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Bulletproof Step (Roadrunner Records 1996)


   Keep on their heads proud by fusing those magic ingredients between Hardcore and Rap music on their second effort right after the furor hit singles and the first debut album release; these New Jersey's Rap-Rock pride group Dog Eat Dog must be one of those awesome names for pioneering the mixes and unity bounds for Black and White music to co-working together creates something powerful and groovy under the driven force of funky beats and brass section touches on throwing the next level record from themselves entitled Play Games two years later after the unstoppable radio hits of Who's The King anthem answer to the New York City's Hardcore scene from across the Hudson river. Feel the temperature heats up and the roof starting to get smokey when the stereo caught the tape and play more crazy tracks with grooves and louder levels of Hardcore-Rap mixes through Rise Above, Rocky, Hi-Lo, Isms, Games, Buggin' and Getting Live taking turns to smashing you and friends to the wall of jumping scattered mosh possibly can indoor or outdoors. Thanks to John Paul Luke Connor, Dave Neabore, Brandon Finley or Dave Maltby for keeping the spirits of this kind of fuckin' amazing rhythm and Rap-Rock core alive before the band's stating to disbanded not too far long after releasing several non-notable albums after this. We are the winners and not Sore Loser; Play Games is the proof of that statement where you might found not only the semi-Hardcore music but also the Gangsta flicks representing the entire East Coast Hard Music with a reasons and causes !

Put your hands higher for the groovy beats !!!

Play Games: