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Addicting Life Waste (MDD Records 2013)


The future of what the media would call minority reports or kind of related to NSA wiring espionage exposed on the Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal rare monument cementing onto this record The Brutal State; an anthem of computerized situation in the near future where surveillance cameras will spreading in each and every corners to monitor our daily activities which there'd be no skipping for the entire 24 hours of society living not being spotted by thus watcher eyes controlled by the powerful rich of the few. There will be no more freedom and an absolute disgracing facts that this thing shall be predicted to happen to mostly the wealthy countries where the citizens would becoming just like a caged pet with no further space available for personal times or privacy anymore on the state of surveillance under the law of security and safety from terrors. The power-raging Thrash Metal with screaming pitched vocals performing by these Kiato, Peloponnese (Greece) group Exarsis consisting with bassist Christo P, Giorgios the skinbasher, P. Tsitsis and Chriatos T on double slashing shreds of six strings and lead vocalist Alexis paptheofanous brought the mosh-pit blasting burst back to the floor as the fast cranking beats and the terror lyrics fed up your anger and hatred to the higher levels as the audiences shouting and bashing each other's up to bleed as well the tracks of rebellious calling through Mind Poisoning, Vote for Crisis, Dying Earth, Toxic Terror and Apathy Ignorance Oblivion shall definitely crushing not only the stereo but later on the hand that feeds the society by lies and secrecy of the illumination's surveillance cameras. The truth is we've been exposed and using by the filthy media controlled by the have's as we all succumbed into an satisfaction of slavery led by wealth, blood-money and pussies.

The Brutal State: