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Druglust ! (Sunmask 2015)


   Interesting how the one-man Doom-Sludge Metal band from Jonestown, Canada having its front cover album cemented by the image of Ouija Board which we all knew that is not a game boards like chess or monopoly and such but had its ill-reputed especially for invoking spirits and communicates to them via a medium and that's what happening here when you trying to do almost exactly the same thing with Strange Broue's once used to called Self-Titled album but sometimes can also known as Mystifying Oracle.
   Either it's really true - you might heard that the group actually, consisted more than one Brouemaster but also there are Richard W.T, Hugh B or Simon T which tremendously creating Strange Broue's satanic sounds of Doomy ritualistic slower blasts through the spacey destruction heavy riffs and melodic solos as well as Sabbath influences that long lasted living forever after possessing one soul to another host and another until there's no men alive anymore to be possessed.
   The classic deader Doomster Sludgy music shall commanding you to headbanger and obeying the spells of charming dark-lord offerings music while making a correct ridicules to the fucked up world - whether you listening to Electric Blizzard, Dead Rising, Kult-Aid, Children of Sabbath or an acoustic for openly mystic through The Beast that shall reminding you to Tequilla Sunrise or Planet Caravan of this Mystifying Oracle sessions ...

Strange Broue:

Uppercut Shut Fuck (Epitaph Records 2009)


   After the first releasing album with the interesting Party-Punk-Pop music with sensual cover gilr in pink; The Blackout is coming back for more on their second album that having darker Screamo and Pop-Punk mix related to the twilight times or after sundown situations. The evening soundtrack for everyone - humans or not and the standard sounds recorded by theses band from Merthyr Tydfil, Wales proudly proclaiming their independence via the album of The Best in Town as the formation still consisting of double duty vocalists Sean Smith and Gavin Butler, double shredders James "Bob" and Matthew DaviesRhys Lewis on bass guitar and Gareth "Snoz" Lawrence the drummer blasting out the screams and blistering turn-overs through the band's power metallic approaches under the thick influences of scarier movies-flick and teenage problems wrapped inside the semi-horror which still offering fun and good times on tracks like I Love Myself and I Wanna Live, This is why we can't have nice things, We're Going to Hell... So Bring The Sunblock and the single hit Children of The Night; combining the harmonies of the live band performances with the shouting out background vocals sounded good coming from these grandsons of Gandalf's descents.

The Best in Town:

Terror In Bed (Varese Sarabande 1999)


   An insomnia experimental project led by the expert Dr. David Marrow studying the cases of several appointed volunteering contestants Eleanor “Nell” Vance, Luke Sanderson to Theodora and the caretaker Dudley couple spending their times in an old mansion of Hill House on a secluded manor on the Berkshire – Western Massachusetts owned by an old textile tycoon Hugh Crane.
Plenty ghost stories and strange activities known to occurs inside the place for centuries as these patients also experiencing some of them in a quite disturbing and scary ones once they’re living their days on it. The shocking secrets and the murdering strange case happens in no time as the haunted mansion filled with sorrows and restless souls trying to threatening everyone with some casualties ended up dead one by one. The secluded environment led Nell and Theodora to keeping themselves secured while Dr. Marrow’s plan for the insomnia study soon turning to disarray. Huge Crane spirits energized the negative force throughout the areas with odd things and malicious supernatural activities happening form time to time on this movie The Haunting; as the musical score conducted by Jerry Goldsmith really capturing every aspects during the rest of the story goes to an end by a fatal truth about how evil the textile tycoon really was when he’s still alive for torturing children, his own wife and the rest of his adultery activities until his final time of death. 
A Place for Everything or The Curtains and Curly Hair or Return to The Carousel instrumental tracks might giving the audience an unpleasant truth but concluded the answering questions about what really happening on that mansion before and now as the rest of the leftovers trying their lucks to escaping the fiendish buildings to unsolved the mysteries. 

The Haunting Original Motion Picture Soundtrack:

Con Dem Nation (Black Cloud Records 2013)


   Within the separated ways between factions, countries suspecting other countries and even family being dragged into the war of prejudice and hatred infecting the worldwide building the wall between the haves and the crippled and the police brutality becoming assets just like fossil-based oil sources and the non-renewed minerals and deforestation green planet are making Bri Doom, Tony “Stick” Dickens, Scoot and Denis in wrath and will showing you the reality of a Corrupt Fucking System album releasing by this Birmingham’s Hardcore Punk Crusty forms of Doom since the late eighties to now.
   Excessive and brutal with the aggressive lesser-toned down speed of Human Meat, Eat Shit and Buy, Thatchercide and so many more to offers as the soundtrack fits for burning our modern fake world to the ground caused nothing can be fixed because only the products which having profits that supposed to selling out in trillions - are the most priceless one. 

   The period that shall be remembered by everyone as the last days of our beloved civilization will come and Doom might showing the examples to kick our ass away to the cauldron of extinctions !

Corrupt Fucking System:

Fog Spellbook (Bandcamp 2012)


Choosing the left hand path-ism to operates their ancient Rock N' Roll jams performance as the mixing highly contains of Pyschedelic, Prog-Rock, Blues and Hard Rock to the little less Stoner/Southern scent on to it that this York, PA band calling themselves Witch Hazel might directly, induced the horror-side of Sabbath's tones into their veins long time before everything on their sounds turning much brighter like these days. Witch Hazel's unit consisting of vocalist Nate Tyson, guitarist Andy Craven, Siebert Lowe the bass guitar player and Nick Zinn on drums really didn't go too damn far from the Doomy Occult Rock in a poly rhythmic frills, double duty guitars and the forsaken lyrics dragging the dark-side of mankind's mind and ideas which sounding half profiling unique and half eerie. The releasing of their album - Forsaken Remedies really would caught anyone whose dig Black Sabbath, Devil's Blood or even the late seventies Rocky Horror Show's influenced Rock brigades - amusing to amazed their audiences through the chosen few songs recorded here like De La Tombe, Moon People Unite, Land of The Phantoms and Secret Door; pleasantly - led by the perfect session jams and how the lead singer proving that he's not just another Ozzy impersonators brought this dark-themed jewels to the masses on the edge of Classic and mainstream Rock populations.

Forsaken Remedies:

Rambling Heart (Back In Rock 2014)


   Riding high or driving low on the highway crossing the desert or just viewing the scenery onyour left and right sides feels the chilling wind blowing in the mid-temperature as it seems that climate might changes a bit and the announcing of mighty Blues Rock blasting on your stereo from the French band Backroads; composed by the members - Franck Morteaux (bass), Nicolas Ammollo (drums), Sylvaine Deschamps-Garcia (vocals) and Oliveres et Febrice Dutour (guitars) bringing their bluesy Hard Rock mixed to the next level of high maintenance and groovy beats to make up your quiet boring days to be alive again through the releasing of the Lyon based group's Self-Titled debut album Backroads. Power duty of heavier Classic Rock with Blues-edges with semi-Pop Rock and wiser lyrics would sounded gladly comforting the minds and souls to cradle back to civilization again as the day becoming much much better after tracks like The Running Man, Flesh of The World, Shadows of Loneliness and The Escape cranking loud enough to putting the spiritual essence of your triggered back to where it belongs !

Classy performance from female vocalist Sylvaine and the rest of the band looking solid to enjoy.


F Is For Fuck You (Inimical Records 2005)


   Nothing sucks than having yourself pile of shitty problems and the world seems to be worked out fine for everyone else but you, the heat of boiling mind as well as hatred taking over thus hole-hearted mirror through your window soul getting overloaded and then when it ticks straight and hard - it's too damn late to pushing the pause button or doing the reversing gear mode ended as you realized that your hands are red blood-shed because you just murdering someone and mutilated him mercilessly.
   Skrap is the Seattle, WA band that knows how to expressing their honesty through the lunatic brutal Grindcore/Extreme Sludge Metal/Hardcore to anything violent and non-conformist to anyone else within their Crusty Metal Punk approaches as they're creating a limitless or out of bounds as the acts of erasing someone else lives is legal at this point that you already had one of your foot crossing the insanity line as the releasing from Skarp - Bury Your Dead really turning to the tribunal errors made by the millennium to destroying the valuable views carried on by the conservative ancestors being destroyed in only a night. Open the window wider and put your giant amplifiers on both sides; put the volume on the highest level possible and let the album blasting everything around it just like the Yellowstone's hyper explosion from inside the magma bags underneath our feet.

   Leave your pathetic social values outside and let the sacred violence perspective off Human Tragedy, Fuck TBN and Reclaim destroying the society !

Bury Your Dead:

Ghost Car Distance (Wynona Records 2004)


   Almost the end of the year as wondering where you really are right now for being busy doing silly things or just losing your own memory and letting the cutest girl in the world restlessly grabbing vain while you never returning back to keep your own promises to her might currently based to this recording debut album from these Rome, Italy Pop-Punk group that shall getting their fame through the internet very soon as Waiting for Something released and hit the record store. Sounded just like Blink 182 without too much silliness provides through their lyrics of romance and brokenhearted stories covered inside the band's semi-standard fast popped up recording and sounds performing by the quartet Daniele Brian Autore or Vincenzo Mario Christi (vocals, guitars), Francesco Sarsano on bass guitar and drummer Jacopo Volpe trying to took attentions from the biggest crowds of teenagers on many places in Europe cities to liking them and little by little that aim seemed to working out fine. Alarming the relationships which already long-time gone after the boy-lover went away without any messages like being swallowed by the ground completely whilst the blonde beauty keeps on hoping even she knew that everything wouldn't be turning better anymore. Cherished with the aspects subjectively open for mostly teenagers problems and short life issues right here; you shall being in love with whether some of the songs of just a few ones - Looking for Memories, 70 Miles Far Away, Your Words and Never Falling Star are the non-rejected anthems for fixing a broken kids out there before school arrives back to starts.

PS. A good gift for a birthday too !

Waiting for Something:

Ruzgarin Kizi (Esen Plak 2008)


   Turned out to be a solo project of the multi-instrumentalist rocker Soner Canozer whom playing the guitars, keyboards, piano to yayli tambur and bass guitar or vocals with the recording process for this Almora but then concluded the rest of these names to completing this group that playing the great wisdom off Symphonic Goth-Metal as they're pushing the awaken up alive of the hometown Istanbul, Turkey to accepting the rise of this genre music of Heavy Metal branches for public displays. The last album from Almora entitled Kiyamet Senfonisi (means similar to The Symphony of Doomsday) must be one helluva good works from the band as far as their prolonging career through out the Metal scene music deals that has brought the higher tides and the lower ones to them; Almora which also includes drummer Arbak Dal, Burak Kulaksizoglu on bass guitar, Bilge Koocarcslan (flute,violin) and the vocalists Duygu Sahin and Ozel Konug bringing their skills of performing combines with Soner's talents on writing songs and arranging the music and orchestral sections build the inner-self special characters for not just the band themselves but also the national identity to the entire Turkish Prog-Symphonic Metal scene enjoying their perfect moments of sweeter honey drinks to creating and gave you and the rest of the Metal world a great taste of harmony Goth-Metal symptoms captured inside the tracks on Kiyamet Senfonisi like Tilzim, Iyiler Siyah Giler, Su Masali (like water), Satilik Krallar (the sold out kings) or Gidenlerin Ardindan (the outgoing then); truly - has given us the remarkable knowledge about the richer Turkish Culture using the magnificent form of Symphonic Metal delivering on it's graceful and mysterious blended with mystic touch by Almora.

Ayisigi Savascisi ...


Paper Princess (Scarlet 2012)


   Parfume-scented new musical discovering of Symphonic Metal band from Paris, France with the great mixing on Prog-Metal skills and beauty blonde front-woman leading the scene of this genre of Heavy Metal music making the healthy developments for the entire European hard music community finding their ways over the cradle of foggy road leads to temptations and success to grow bigger than before. Whyzdom must be one of thus undeniable choice you might had to added more collectible of Symphonic Rock or Metal forms as the incredible sounds produced for their record - Blind ? must be a correct answer for other beautiful acts of this type of Heavy Metal throughout the blue continent such as Dutch's Within Temptation or Italy's Lacuna Coil. Meet the six-piece members of Whyzdom from the founder Vynce Leff, Tristan Demurger, Nico Chaumeaux, Regis Morin, Marc Ruhlmann and the leading role female singer Marie Mac Leod; performing their best efforts so far through this album onward the softer slow-beats with tiny acts referring to Pop culture but covers it with the giant excessive power on Heavy Metal, Speed Metal and Gothic harmonies concluded on the lyrics about mythology or fantasies as you would love to listening via the courageous bountiful tracks such as The Wolves, The Spider, Dancing with Lucifer to Venom and Frustration under the magnificance malificent.

Use your intuition and illusions to see clearly now ...


Enraged Mercy Betrayer (Napalm Records 2016)


   Having their fictional concept of stories on the recording session based off the group's basic Metalcore/Modern Metal approaches that carried by this Falkenberg's unit The Unguided consisting of Roger Sjunnesson (guitars, vocals), Roland Johansson (lead guitars), Richard Sjunnesson (vocals), Henric Carlsson (bass) and Richard Schill (drums) collectively sounded just like the rest of the Extreme Metal gang off the Roadrunner's catalogs during the early new millennium with their fast and melodic combinations between riffs and shredding solos as the growler/screamo/clean vocals moving in balance as variations which already sounded boring but luckily for The Unguided; they got a young good looking faces which can becoming another plus points for themselves as teenager's fanatic girl fans to the pin-ups and centerfolds on mainstream magazines.
   The Lust and Loathing recording itself didn't quite sounded bad after all; having thus Progressive blends and well-produced really could given a beginner audiences to learning more in a safety slower way towards King of Clubs, Heartseeker, Phobos Grip and Boneyard - as we can taste the central sparks from the band's bitter romance and semi-Glam Rock roots lying down there ...

Lust and Loathing:

Savage Soul To Tame (Azafran Media 2013)


Inhabited by multi-talented musicians that praising themselves on playing the blended mix of both Symphony Gothic and traditional music from not only Ancient Europe but also the old Hispaniola heritage streaming in the veins of the band's members - Javier de la Torre (bagpipes, vocals), David Quenedit (bass), Fabiel Perez (lead guitars), Damian Campos (rhythm guitars), Bryan Villafruela (keyboards), Alejandro Yero (violin), Robert Fernandez (drums) and Jessica Sori (lead vocals) is the chosen few of th general Heavy Metal scene bands coming out from Cuba as this Havana's group dealing with their themes about dreams, personal issues or the feelings on how to have an opportunity to emerged from one of the dictatorship country led by the infamous revolutionary President Fidel Castro. Not bad for the taste and the actual performance sounded standard but keeps surprising because of the melodic amusements aspect that the fact Septum coming out of the Caribbean's island might getting as mysterious as the Bermuda Triangle itself; within the high-techniques perfromance of the lead guitarist or the drummer and also the front-woman's sensual saving voice. Quiet...Listen! is talking about the simplifying way to go banck and leaving thus modern lives behind, taking chances for getting closer dwelling to Mother Earth's kindly arms as the trad-music and Gothic Metal progressively would re-shaped the conditions of how human race reacts to the statements like Can You Hear Me Scream, Are You There part.II, Destiny and The One You Loved with more track-listings songs on this album. Don't ever forget their name: Septum and they're the proof that in Cuba you still can rocking louder enough with aesthetics value and being yourself ...


Zaat Lowly (Mute 2012)


   Due to the passing history over the groups that they’re used to joining before either Martin L Gore from Depeche Mode and Vince Clarke the ex-Erasure and Yazoo build the new alliance over an Electronic-Pop experimental duo under the alias of VCMG (stands for Voltage Control Modulation Generator is just like sleeping with the lights on and the eyes open while thus Techno-Electro instrumentalist beats guarding your needs for stylized sounds of Modern Music originals from England.

    VCMG’s Ssss album might be the non-commercial recording not only for the colorful snake figures ready to bite you within the calculated beats that could pushing you to dance and beg for more by the Skip This Track, Spock, Windup Robot, Bandy Bass and Flux. 

The right place for the world music stopping-spot this way please. 


Identity Theft Pistol (VX Records 2005)

Clearance the path as the ways aren’t smooth anymore in this life but whatever you do; stay strong and keep going forward as the mind might becoming too tricky to you and on a perfect moment where everything seemed not working anymore you decided too early too soon to kill yourself without a fight cause Beyond Virtue, Beyond Vice album recorded by this Screamo-Rock group Vaux from Denver, CO really would be given much perspective about the thin line between positivism and it’s opposite negation on the other side of a coin. 
The five-piece members leads by Quentin Smith on vocals to Joe McChan (drums), Adam Tymn(guitars), Chris Sorensen (guitars) and Greg Daniels (keyboards); changing from Eiffel to Vaux after two years touring on the East parts of United States within the surf-crowds music loudly and small minor success indicator forcing the band to go much further, striking while the iron still hot and releasing the albums before they decided to disbanded themselves. 
Contradicting with the aims retold on the lyrics about not surrender but as the ashes getting colder maybe the little legacy through Need to Get By, Are You with Me, A Simple Man, The Last Report from… and Burn The bandwagon can be digging form out of thus remains which the combinations of Alternative Rock/Hardcore and little less non-hedonist Pop cannot saving the status or history of the Screamo scene from a short memory-loss syndrome to devastate in couple years but leaving the seeds of making the rest Post-Rock and Indie music great again later. 


Evil Patterns (Rise Above Records 2010)


   Consisting of the grand quartet whose carrying the distinctive Black Sabbath soul but making more efforts including the triumph of Sludgy Doom and Black Magic Metal music you will worships forever more – this is Electric Wizard and their darkest recording is called Black Masses with still co-fronting by guitarist/vocalist Jus Oborn whom also written the band’s lyrics with the hot blonde femme guitarist Liz Buckingham; completed by bassist Tas and drummer Shaun Rutter as the occultism, drugs, witchcraft, horror and H.P Lovecraft always accompanying these Dorset, UK semi-legendary Doom Metal superstars – blackest hearts too black to be saved and the Satanic faiths which too powerful to beat really making this group turning as big as their favorite band – Black Sabbath as Satan would infinitely pleased.
   Black Masses would sounded scary and darker with the atmospheric ritualistic inaugural sessions and the sacrificial timing might disturbing most of you while listening to this dangerous album. 
   Crypt of Drugula, Scorpio Curse to Satyr IX and Turn Off Your Mind probably – massive enough to changing your intolerable stubborn and accepting him as your master and Electric Wizard as your Doom Metal favorite bands as the shadows casts upon us; the black magic unreleased. 

Black Masses:

Seventh Ritual (Hellbound Recordings 2006)


   Gothenburg/Stockholm Heavy Thrash Metal that used to be an all-female band once but after several replacement of the members, left remaining only Mia Larsson on vocals, guitars, bass, music and lyrics with her two male companion Mojjo on drums and soloist/shreds by Chris Loud as Dracena (the group) releasing their debut full studio album Infernal Damnation which not sounded too pleasurably metallic but as the female vocalist whom would reminding us about the dark-haired version of Arch Enemy’s front-woman within her rabid growl vocals and slicing sla-sherds that kills the audiences still becoming the essential Heavy Metal extremity sounds labeled to Sweden as a sacred land scenes.
   Faster tempos, aggressive themes and Dante’s favorable fans – leading you to entering the band’s dungeon gates within tracks like Circle of Blood, Purified In Pain, Skull of Doom or I prey upon the damned straight Into The Infernal Domains to hell-hole. 

Infernal Damnation:

Propaganda New World (Dwell Records 1999)


   World of Pain: A Tribute to Sepultura is one hell of a fully respectable salutations from the newer generation of both Thrash Metal, Modern Metal and other Extreme branches of Heavy Metal which being influenced by The Cavalera Brothers’ kicks within tons of their headbangers tracklisted albums for over decades as one of the basic pillars of thus hard and heavy music scene as the rebellion themes about the underworld, death, war, socialism and anti-dominations tyranny; caught almost completely through this compilations of more extreme version of Sepultura cover numbers. We got names like Crematorium did Arise well, Fractura with Nomad, Hostile Intent bringing Roots as well as Amen tackled by Hate Theory to Troops of Doom by Decay of Salvation.
   This is all that you can swallow properly cause fourteen songs recorded here might not symbolized the exactly exceeded force of how Sepultura’s destructible effects for corrupted governments and police brutality had to pay for what they did around the band’s hometown in Belo Horizonte or Sao Paulo can actually affecting the entire worldwide but for now, just lead the way of you and your metal-heads friends doing some of those small rebel acts around you like blown up a sweat-shop or burnt a worshiping place fueled of lies. 

World of Pain - Tribute to Sepultura:

Venom Vice Valor (Rocketstar 2006)

People will always asking you about the loud music that you listening to whether the vocalist does only screaming louder or the metallic music sounded overloaded and blasting the glass to break them in a hard way same like when one decided to cracking this album from a band that did some of the mixed of Groove/Thrash and Hardcore upon awesome heavy riffs and crushing melodic metal music storming influences onto their Southern heritage named Hell Promise with this Aim For Hell the album that will answering those stupid questions up there by stupid people in a loud bang, making their ears bleeding. With the background of doomed desert place as the super powerful spirit of destruction already arrived to punishing us all where’s there will be no more living but death eternal then – the aggressive tracks from the band like Brass Knuckle Nightmare, The New Blackeath, Vengeance, Black Winter and Upon The Mouth of Thieves really describing the non-solution for mankind anymore, on that particular day ! 

Hell Promise:

Shadows Over Eden (Bandcamp 2013)


   Kinds of Alien-Nation music incorporated or might be called unofficially as Scifitronic which blending Psy-Trance to Ambient House as well as other noises experiment through excessive mysterious project from New Zealand signing the extra communications within the supreme beings from another galaxies or dimension symbolized as The Gray creatures travelling the billion light-years away headed to Planet Earth, doing serious abductions of hundred humans for experimental purposes taken or snatched silently over decades as the governments kept the secret locked inside their journal books or documents of thus events. Trinity Ward must be some kind of a project for spreading the facts and the hidden agendas towards music through out the globe with highly small effects not too exposed quite well but little by little can sending the sense of furor worldwide soon after the terrible abductions event happening again up to dates. The low key of enriched Ambient sounds which mixed with controllable beats must be the main key for opening either new perspective of knowing the truth surroundings the failed investigations on Aliens or just another way to established their mind control games among us secretly not traced by sensibility where the haunting rhymes, out of this world signals and improper messages shall be heard by the listeners on this specific Soul Destroyer album. Track listing released by Trinity Ward on this record must be a manifestations of a decoded task manages to influencing the audiences slowly unnoticed to obeying the astral codes inside it from outer space for such strange display of tracks like Overflight, Oblivion, Among The Ruins and Utterances of Emergency During Daytime would hypnotizing you to sleep - missing some of the slight moments of your time but actual facts showing that you've been missing for couple hours or the worst; never to returning back ...

Soul Destroyer:

Fuck Technology Pocket (Lengua Armada Discos 1997)


   Needs only lasted for three years since the group from Dekalb, Illinois formed - Charles Bronson taken their name from the famous filmstar playing on the most notorious violent themed movies to be the infamous band's highlighted recognition on the Crust-Core Punk scene around the globe; releasing only one studio album Youth Attacks! and totally would destroying your minds through the listed provocative ideas and titles of their self-written sickening fast and dangerous violent praised rebellion tracks like The Only Time I about Romance is when I Wonder Why I Don't Think about it, The Painful Yet Unavoidable Deathstar Comparison, Let's start another war so I can sing about Stopping it to more destructive fueled violence just like you being beaten up by those mean selfish sons of bitches outside the small dirty bar to death. The madness hatred screamer vocals by the frontman Mark McCoy and the rest of names of other members comes and go throughout the deranged years of presenting crude crust form of rebel Punk/Thrash in the audiences face as the band touring almost everywhere especially, abandoned places where abandoned hopes and souls dwell and the sort of infected ill-disposed manners, the aggressive music, fucking harsh lyrics and anti-materialism of non-commercial as the main characters of these gunshot group for keeping the flame of fighting the new world order's production wheels of greed continues !

Youh Attack:

King Kharon Oblivion (Artery Recordings 2011)


My Damnation might be our ultimate semi-mainstream stays in front of the underground gate kinds of album where you will finding the true statement about how extremely whiter" is this album from the Salt Lake City's Death-core band Chelsea Grin or not to mentioning to be sounded too racial but yes, you shall agree that Chelsea Grin is searching for the moment to unlocked the door of screamo mixing with Death/Thrash and other extreme ingredients boiling up the newer Heavy Metal forms towards younger listeners and fresher as an anthem for surviving the hardest century on the new millennium after finding the lost key that can hold a nation to bow down and obey the chosen few sounds leading by Hard Music magnet. Presenting nothing but distorted heavy riffs and crushing tones related to the sickest sickness infected our generations for a long time via degenerating values, fake freedom and suspicious society preying upon secrecy and race wars might all completely wrapped into aggressive mission music played by the band to scalping your head-skin out as trophy and leaving hundreds head-banging to the intensive thrashy-core growlers and drilling melodies of scary solos through the track-list of Behind a Veil of Lies, Everlasting Sleep, Cursed, The Foolish One or Calling in Silence. Feel the anger, the marginalized and the one opinion over destruction towards the very important but bullshit rules applying to be established for ruining your life to dust !

My Damnation:

Stock Car Race (Sire Records 1989)


   Red Hot Chilli Peppers may not be the only one white bands that being heavily influenced by Black Music to the dirties level that's going to give your head a real headache just like the mainstream music media when first hearing Royal Crescent Mob; the quartet from Columbus, Ohio that would sounded precisely like the insemination child from Sly and The Family Stone with whiter Jimi Hendrix ex-girlfriend on The Monkees love-boat's cruiser connections. The finest album from the band consisting of David Ellison (vocals), David Chichester (bass, organ, piano, vocals), Mr. B (guitars, vocals) and Carlton Smith (drums, percussion) written few good finest tracks here on this infamous Spin The World album that would pounding your butt-cheeks hard enough for an interracial sex on music by the tight combinations of Funk, Punk, Jazz-Rock and commercial Pop ala The Beatles and Motown Classic doing the threesome positions on your white stereo system - turning it to blacker side and perhaps, shall never going back. Dance your ass-off the songs of freedom of choice and manage to ditch your whiter bitch to the sophisticated black sisters instead, while listening to crunchiest performance from Royal Crescent Mob through Hungry, Nanana, Corporation Enema, Big Show to Silver Street and 5 More Minutes. You shall realized that Funk Rock is viciously staying low as it'll totally infecting the rest to go Motown where no white man ever did it before - on and on !

Spin The World:

Bulletproof Step (Roadrunner Records 1996)


   Keep on their heads proud by fusing those magic ingredients between Hardcore and Rap music on their second effort right after the furor hit singles and the first debut album release; these New Jersey's Rap-Rock pride group Dog Eat Dog must be one of those awesome names for pioneering the mixes and unity bounds for Black and White music to co-working together creates something powerful and groovy under the driven force of funky beats and brass section touches on throwing the next level record from themselves entitled Play Games two years later after the unstoppable radio hits of Who's The King anthem answer to the New York City's Hardcore scene from across the Hudson river. Feel the temperature heats up and the roof starting to get smokey when the stereo caught the tape and play more crazy tracks with grooves and louder levels of Hardcore-Rap mixes through Rise Above, Rocky, Hi-Lo, Isms, Games, Buggin' and Getting Live taking turns to smashing you and friends to the wall of jumping scattered mosh possibly can indoor or outdoors. Thanks to John Paul Luke Connor, Dave Neabore, Brandon Finley or Dave Maltby for keeping the spirits of this kind of fuckin' amazing rhythm and Rap-Rock core alive before the band's stating to disbanded not too far long after releasing several non-notable albums after this. We are the winners and not Sore Loser; Play Games is the proof of that statement where you might found not only the semi-Hardcore music but also the Gangsta flicks representing the entire East Coast Hard Music with a reasons and causes !

Put your hands higher for the groovy beats !!!

Play Games:

Do What You Wanna Do (Sing Sing 1994)


   When the rhythmic rhymes and the Rap-Core beats feels right at the time and place; you would find yourself waving your hands up high and nodding your head as the rest of the listeners being commanded to follow the critical grooves recaptures on the Munster's Rap-Metal group H-Blockx not to be under the shades of bandwagon genre that coming years before Nu Metal established and Beastie Boys might be the number one pioneering of white small dominant off Rap Music cross-over to Rock scene the first place. Consisting the charismatic members like front-man David Gappa to guitarist Tim "Humpe" Tenembergen or drummer Johann Christoph-Maass mixing their powerful sounds as the European style chaotic Rap-Core music between Semi-Hardcore, Funky Metal and Jazz to Hip Hop as well as Punkrock and Hardrock into one successful disc on Time to Move as the band's massive debut so far. Let those heads banging harder and the freestyle dance moves displayed even some media thought that this type of Rap Metal is just another bias form of Black Music inseminations into the popular music of white people; still you cannot resisting the power-force of H-Blockx's tremendous radio hits like Risin' High or Move to Revolution, Fight The Force and Say Baby. Pour Me A Glass, bartender - it's about time to watch the body movin' learned yet again rather than boring yourself with depressive Alternative music to what ?

Rise Higher !!!

Time to Move:

Encoder (Warner Music UK 2010)


   The this album Immersion from the Australian/British Electronic-Rock band whom playing lots of the blending Drum n Bass, Dubstep, Alternative House hosted themselves to becoming one of the newer names emerging from Perth and grab most of the success as the awakening of Dance/Rave music continues after the new millennium.

   Produced by Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen as the core members of the group featuring the collaborative projects with Liam Howlett, In Flames and Steven Wilson as the imagination beyond the underwater world and sea creatures sheltering the next human race living in peace as sub-humanoid listening to this type of echoing music. 

   Immersion is the album creatively made out of the dreams of giving birth to a new form of futuristic Dance Rock anthems as you shall in loving tightly with songs like Crush, Set Me on Fire, Genesis or The Vulture and Under The Waves – reminding to the next evolution music pioneering by Linkin Park before any Nu-Metal bands that slowly reducing their own values and vanished - no more to be found replaced by these kind of music perfectly continuously made by Pendulum - making their splendid new forms of Electronic beats affecting the planet to party rocking for the loudest !