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Long Time Coming (Geffen Records 1994)


   She always working behind the curtains of fame even though this woman can have herself famous hours to public but rather living the dreams like it she preferring to being in solidify realm of her own forever.
Toni Childs actually have a pretty looks and nice smile but most of it – she has mounted talents inside her mind and the reflection of her hard-working passions might becoming permanent and stays as a monument for kindly regarding women made by a concern musician to sharing it with the world; hopefully that it will stay concrete and lasting longer.
Through her album The Woman’s Boat; we would find the entrance inside Toni Childs’ world of music and with her brain full of creativity and cleverness of a female creature which also listening to their instinct or intuitions has established her as the female version of Peter Gabriel (such a coincidence the man himself appears on backing vocals for I Met a Man).
   Almost all the songs filled with synthesizers or sampling beats with couple of live recording band sounds giving this simple release a breathing miraculous time and bringing its tracks like I Just Want Affection, Womb, Wild Bride or Lay Down Your Pain turning the tide with this thundering silent advance lyrics and brilliant music performance like a sweet taste of pomegranate fruit.

The Woman's Boat: