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Fed Up School Days (Sympathy For The Record Industry 1999)

   Once is never enough and as the revolution for Woman's equal rights and transcending ritual of the nineties new movements named Riotgrrl; you know since then that women are not considering themselves as any man's slaves anymore - at least, not on the modern wealthy countries. The proof must and should be released as a monument to memorizing thus days and the double discs that compiling most of the Independent Garage Rock, Punk-Pop, New Folk and Alternative sounds performed by girls like this V.A Alright, This Time Just For Girls really really might going to improving and changed your mind about the patrilineal point of views that used to conquering you and other boys who will always be boys while the girls grown up and becoming more mature, clever and independent. This two discs consisting of various female interpretations on their perspective sight about how to look at the world then and now because today is a better tomorrow and gender problems shouldn't become an issue anymore. Let the stereo witnessing "Girl Power" that cannot be hiding from the truth either they're coming in a softened Folkish tempo like April March in Cet Air-La or the troops of grungy punked angry femme too pissed to be tamed from Calamity Jane, The Red Aunts, Lunachicks, Hole and Electrocutes or the more relaxing Alternative Rock like The Barbarellas, The Muffs and Buck with My Fascination. Plenty of smart moves claimed here even only with one song for the rest of a bigger purposes on this compilation and you shall finding more new names and weird ones starting their career or ended up after this just like Candy 500's Keep It In The Hole, I'm Into Something Good by Stool Pigeons, The Phenobarbiedols or Supersnazz and Candypants.

   Don't be an asshole just because they're girl and they can really rocks.
Buy or try this before you received the punches and the kicks from them !