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Grass Greener (Sony Music 1995)


   Melodic tones burst, crunchy childish vocals and Pop-oriented of Alternative rocking music coming out from your stereo while someone got a chance to play this recording of Headjoy by Sun 60 which includes vocalist Joan Jones whom also playing trumpet and having real good looks, guitarist/pianist David Russo, Bret Jensen (2 nd guitarist), bassist Eddie Russo and Mike Lawrence (drums) talking sweet in their catchy music and Power-Pop influences sprinkling all around the melodies and medium standard beats that aiming the teenage and grown-up adults lives probably, in all the aspects and problems which directly facing them daily but Headjoy is honestly fits for not only romantic movies soundtrack but also would intentionally good on their live-performance through the outdoors party or graduation day cause the lyrics are gladly positive through Laydown, Hanging Out, Baby or Whachudunno to share and you know that simplicity is the key to survives the ugly years for Rock Music in the midst of the nineties and maybe even the good band such as Sun 60 actually, didn’t succeded to manage in surviving themselves after this releasing.

But keep on dancing to the soft distorted sounds before the era collapsing into another too late story.


White Kool Thing (DGC Records / Universal 2011)


Let this legal documentary DVD version taking you for a excursion back in time to the days when 1991: The Year Punk Broke featuring live performances from Dinosaur Jr, Gumball, Babes in Toyland and The Ramones with an actual recording interviews and live music from the stages where Sonic Youth and Nirvana had joining tour together through Europe as the plenty footage of rare occasions, funny stupid and silly moments captured on video-tape on the early version would giving you and the rest – a reality glimpse of what’sreally happening with the groups creative and crazy ideas being shared to the world using their honest harsh mouths or seeing Kurt’s getting drunk to the slide showing Courtney Love while she’s still not sober but already hot and of course, the main characters and leading major roles by the Sonic Youth quartet explains about the expanded life meanings and brutalized murdering of the supposed to be Art-Rock sounds with the experimental touch special from Kim Gordon and friends. Surfing crowds and loose your punk fanatic-self as you dive hard into Endless Nameless, Freak Scene, Negative Creep and Chapel Hill to Dustcake Boy.

Feel the Grungy transformations in the air and the rest of oddly stuff shall come out to play. 

The Year Punk Broke:

Ordinary Girl Thing (Polygram Records 1994)

Material Issue’s album Freak City Soundtrack perhaps can be over-looked as the first pioneering for any Illnois/Los Angeles Alternative bands efforts which actually, giving chances for the collaborative mutual relation with the older and permanent of established scene of Rock Music around the West Coast or the rest of the country in a record that carrying better type of fresh new music to dig deeper by the thirsty generation who wanted more Jangling Rock and Glam-Pop as well in one record and it seems that Material Issue can being said to successfully manage it on this album. Shorter hair, Mods-attitude, non-trendy lyrics and honest legitimated musical performance really means a lot to learn from the troops of future Rock sounds which luckily, got their chance to working with some of the Hair-Metal rockers and older legends from Rock’s playground including Chip Z’nuff, Gilby Clarke of Guns N’ Roses to Rick Nielsen the famous name off Cheap Trick as an additional musicians that would giving the audiences more flashy plus points while playing this good record on. 
Listen up and humming or sing along following the Jangle-Rock with Pop touches that shall making your day colorful again after the stormy week behind on the naughty tracks of Goin’ Through Your Purse, the romantic moments via Kim The Waitress, the satisfying of an unpredictable precedence times of your life on Funny Feeling or the dark comedy tales about a crazy lover on The Fan; really not looking too glamour or too silly for the era cause the next generation demanding more Pop-Punk related liability that influenced by the sixties sounds or Redd Kross, bursting like the Evil knievel’s humor for One Simple Word describing the band: Ted Ansani (4, 6 and 8 strings bass and vocals), Jim Ellison (lead vocals, 6 and12 strings guitars, vocals) and Mike Zelenko (drums, vocals) intellectual music assemblies for your smiley life.  

Freak City Soundtrack:

La Callifa (Angel Records 2000)

Some audiences will get hypnotized b her perfect appearance who looks like a Goddess coming down to Earth for blessing this planet with gladness, spirits of harmony and peaceful sound of music where the New Age influential colors really turning to reality for gripping the emptiness sorrows and replacing them with traditional roots and mystical magic touch through her awesome angelic voice which corporately mixed with irresistible modern beats of Pop-Electro and Classic tones within the grand performance of her orchestra chariot pulling the winter wonderland to cooling down the overheated minds and restless souls – so, they could then having conscious to go forward and respecting life again. Just like the magical journey comes from the book of story-telling for children told once again by this Goddess of Neo-Classical music in her glory with the dark brownish long curly hair like a black of night covering stars shown the pilgrims a way or a sign of salvation or the beauty of immortal face made in heaven that shall hypnotizing you to follow her leading commands; re-captured by the tones of forever in her songs on her album La Luna. Sarah Brightman is a composer, conceptor, brilliant artists and a powerful woman with great voice and a talented pianist – trying to share her infinite lights and blue skies as she descents down from up above bringing the joyful news and good music for the listeners as the bride of this Earth shall marrying the sky in total harmonies group vocals background, many lights and star-flowers fell like confetti, the soloist will performing her best talent and the entire universe will becoming brand new again as the journey for some continues and the raging sea turning calm as well as the songs of old-classic from around the world playing properly and magical through some delighted titles of choice such as Figlio Perduto, Serenade to This Love and Scarborough Fair – which most of you the audiences with the early seventies or late sixties might predicted coming back again through Sarah Brightman’s goddesses performance. 
The Classic Music lovers and the soft tunes collectors might didn’t want to miss this precise gift made by heaven to Earth as the wedding offerings here from the beginning of the eternity to the everlasting.

La Luna:

Twinning No Gum (Forged Artifacts 2015)


   The creativity can be like a silver bullet aiming straight to the undead's beating heart that ready to attack your beautiful girl or little sister but then you decided to shoot the damn thing and ends its misery life and terror - making the night filled with safety again not terrors and this kind of themed story can be found inside this collective compilation of Various Artists The Chiller IV: Night of The Living Chill which at first probably, creates as the parody for celebrating Halloween's eve or the resurrecting days after that as the dead souls are walking on Earth at this specific hours of penance in blistering bangs, acoustic folk or low end beats; you and others can also enjoying the eerie chilling music chosen by the record company and compiled into this album. The record itself should be rare and hard to find but thanks for the ghoul's sake we got that particular one chance for a try-out and of course, the music which consisting of mixes from Electro/Rock/Pop /Punk demonology sounds might really trashy and independent but luckily, fun fun fun at the same time with the good artwork cover and more interesting tones and music created to haunts you down the alleyway not to spoiling your free time until midnight to drive safe for the secret party filled with crazy sexy colder chicks, ghouls nerds, trolling people and  blood-sucking host where everyone shall check-in easily but cannot check-out anymore. The blending for creepy basslines, monotonous noises and fascinating scares timing might be found through the simple and slower tracks like Buoyant Spirit's I Love You but not Earth, Werewolf Queen by Band Practice, William Alexander's Dead or Platinum Boys on Halloweed. Twenty tracks that would bring the happy slappy not crappy of best slumber party ever made by anyone who wanted to celebrates All Hallow's Eve a little bit different but not too fucking loud. This recording should be then an example of proof about how October still can spreading its joyful spirits of both ill-fated and wicked by not giving any trick or treat in form of candies or sweets but terribly attractive music ...


Hoodie Venom (Bandcamp 2011)


   Fear the Halloween even when it's already passing for days this years but the scary effects that brought by the roots of fear as fear itself might still hanging around the corner of your hood and with that comes discomfort as your older brothers found out this mixtapes of terror compilations with the loads of many Horrorcore Rap Artists whom being possessed for weeks by the evil spirits of either Legion or Crunk demons sounded beasty, extreme high infectious Hip Hop as well with Gangsta flavored beats that can influencing any restless and weaken souls to obey the commanding from the unseen spirits to murdering your family, yourself or your girl-friends family. Beware the intentional necessary evil incarnates disguising into the collective dope-tapes and bad-ass terrorizing lyrics from the tracks here on the Broken Bones Presents... Trick r Treat compilations by Horrorcore Artists being exposed and ready to slay and kills on for this album such as Dead By 28's Your Worst Nightmare, Crusher with Howl, Conspiracy's Snuff Film to Brothaz Grimm shoutin' When I Kill taht almost like the real shocking story-telling or the moment you heard the knock on the front door only to find thus uninvited guests of dead people gnarling hungry - ready to feasting on you and your sexy wife and kids too. There's nothing to panic but too damn late when the basement door shut loud as the windows banging hard and locked by itself; the house is under the spell from the possessing power of black magic and voodoo rituals as you becoming pretty much unconscious but still can see the Horrorcore sacrificing your beloved blond girlfriend on the altar of the dark ones with the scary atmosphere as Mymik or Double Death chanting the Gangsta Rap of Horrors and the howling wolves marking their territory and victims around your cribs in blood-bath. There will be no escapes, just chill and die in silent - may you turning to one of the freakin' immortal creatures like we do.

Welcome to the Terror family of Horror-Rap from Joliet, Illnois !!!


Trophy Hunter (Mighty Music 2016)

   Newest Heavy Rock format band coming from Greater London, UK especially, delivering themselves into the self-written lyrics and music based on the highly influenced of Hard Rock, Southern sounds and Blues Rock lively favorites heroes from the clever minds of the founders: guitarist Kurt Michael Boeck and Anglo-Scottish femme vocalist Tola Lamont and soon being joined by Cyro Zuzi on drums and Steve Parson on bass, choosing their brilliant kick-as name of the band as Nitroville. The releasing of their latest record entitled Cheating The Hangman must be either not meant to be conceptual but lots going on to tributing the speedy sports forms from four wheels drive, biking, Nascar or any moments of pedal to the metal burst tempos making this band getting fast to reaching steps by steps to the nearest top of the hilly to (then) mountains. 
   The favorable clean and sexy toned vocals from Tola to the poisonous lead solos from Kurt would making you head banging harder for more as the sounds of Nitroville also known to make girls gone wild, listening to the rocking beats, taking off their bra’s or pajamas and stripped butt-naked on a pole in the middle of the club house via the breaking through tracks such as Let It Roll, Louisiana Bone, Apophis 2029 and Motorocker. The band is really playing hard and getting better and better while the world slipped deeper, hungry for a band with a vocalist having golden on her throat just like the younger version of Patty Smyth or Heart sisters on a solo recording.  


Night Little Monster (Independent 2011)


   An independent Symphonic Goth-Metal with medium popularity hailed from Budapest, Hungary within the consisting members of Henrik Csato (guitars, keyboards, programming), Gergo Kiss (bass guitar) and Alexandra Urban the female vocalist effectively, creating their infamous sounds from the mixing gears off metallic roots of melodies and harmony sensual vocals from Obsidian Shell on the releasing for Evershade.
   The romantic themes to panoramic views of the latest great solos and fierce atmosphere blending love and betrayal into an album filled with amazing and attractive tracks that will becoming your new favorites from Season of Light to Die With Me as well as Vertigo and Tormented. 
   One could finding out the cause even the lesser and standard front cover cannot hiding the awesomely rocking talented great band from the public ears of the world ...

You shall have Obsidian Shell as your favorite Goth-Symphonic Metal female-fronted new heroes.


Bravest Hour (Not On Label 2010)


   Fighting the army of hybrid monsters using blades, swords and laser beams might highs up your expectations about Sci-Fi Melodic Death Metal turning reality from the cd album of an independent Texas band release – At Long Last.
   Wrought of Obsidian writing down their lyrics about battles and fantasies with a slight influence of Black Metal; the Denton’s group line-up of vocalist/guitarist Andrew Austin, lead guitarist Kirk Kirkwood, drummer Eric Park and bassist Nathan Fenoglio exploding your listening room of metallic blast such as Blight, Bury it to The Hilt, Ides and This Shell or The Breaking and World of Two Suns into the drowning dawn of double pedals and amusing metal music clocks for futuristic doomsday from Wrought of Obsidian erupting onto The Phalanx and New Horizon through slicing melodies solos and speeding tempos pumped up the power of metal fights the demonic monsters inside the entrapment cave. 

Listen to the Heavy Metal epic themed atmosphere in between the past and the future from this group - Wrought of Obsidian !

At long Last:

Lullaby Bloodkiss (FAW4 Records 2003)


An old Deathrock group from the late nineties offering a darker romance circuit led to the roots of influence from Rozz Williams suicidal and Christian Death infamous gloomy shines as the rangers of Goth Rock module new pioneers within more and more temptation on experiences a wide-awake of the uses for conscious synthesizers melodic and live drums from the early UK Goth scenery. The darkened band created by the duo of Goth-Punk musician influenced Su Farr and Dave Wainwright uncommonly pick the name Cauda Pavonis for themselves as a perceptual changer of dreamscapes on Gothic Rock realm and accompanied themselves with Chris Hines on guitars and Jessica Phoenix on bass; coming on stage or in front of the camera as a picturing bigger underground goes mainstream but never changing their Goth identities looking as the spikey hairs in colors, leather jackets and blackiest dark fashions completed with intoxicated stares and loopy beats inspiring music asking you to make love with someone before killing them as you planned to enjoy or do the suicidal mission through this darker album – Sigil. The Bristol’s band really taking their Gothic Rock music onto the higher levels which keeping more people get their access to finding Cauda Pavonis music but also spreading their depressive lyrics and themes infectiously like a teenage black-plague among the listeners. The vocals sounded similar just like Patti Smith on acid and blood and hearing the infamous harpiscord plays through the band’s music really would hypnotizing you in focus as the Punkish-Gothic music fills the dance-floor; leaving mortals and immortals biting each others in a frequent standing up tongue to tongue orgy on Nine to Five Freakshow, Wardance, Dead Man’s Gallery and Winter. Slipping away is the lovers of your heart and comes the aggressive seductress holding you, grabbing yours like she never wanted again to let go ! 


Espionage Scum (Chugcore 2013)


   Heavy riffs and pounding double pedals sounded like the eight point eight richter-scale earthquake coming from the perfromance of this Fort Myers, Florida band Dealey Plaza as you might remembering that the name actually is in Texas – a spotlight memorial place where President John F. Kennedy shot to death while his presidential parade cars crossing that Dallas area. Now, this group of Extreme Metalheads are trying to once again sharing you the secret society stories and agendas that still and will always be driven our global world into a procession of transforming ideas and humanity in different ways, shapes or even computerized through Dealey Plaza’s powerful and mysterious recording release named The Masonic Diaries.
   One would soon discovers the points from every single tracks highlighted there inside the album; wrapping in the brutal Deathcore and Extreme Death Metal melodic performing by the members here as guitarist Jesse Kirkbride, vocalist Bryan Long, Tony Sinatra on bass guitar and Matt Kohanowski the drummer blasting their faster and slower excessive force driven for brutality through their repetoir tracks from the Eye, Theories, The Reign, A Captive Wasteland and Rise of The Dwellers – leaving you paralyzed in a broken neck or brain concusions permanently after listening to this lethal recording. 
   Ask your parents to joining you before pressing play in a very fucking loud volume as the effects of The Masonic Diaries would be terribly awesome; as the tide of knot strenghten like gallows grabbing your stupid mom’s neck as the loud blast of beasty sounds from the stereo already cracking your dad’s head open while your mom continuously having orgasm after orgasm before have herself blown up right between the legs. 
   Don’t blaming yourself for this cause all you need to do is finding the truth behind the decoding marks and symbols hidden inside the book of secrets. It Masonic – it’s never easy and it’s not for free !  

The Masonic Diaries:

Neonatalimplionecrophiliation (Indie Recordings 2016)


   A newer UK generations whose being fucked off and abandoned by the new millennium but quickly adapts to survives the tougher competitions on life with others and through the flaming induced of brutality music found on this Extreme Metal, Grindcore or Deathcore or anything you wanted to call it; make sure that you will trying to listen to Dickie Allen’s inferno growlers with his band - Infant Annihilator which surely based on its name must be carrying large numbers of explosive sounds and devastating music as they’re approved within this album release The Elysian Grandeval Galeriarch. 
   The new form of essential extremity reborn from the ashes of fallen martyrs whom build this scene from underground days to be respectively honored as one of the true keeper of the faith in heavy Metal genre. Aaron Kitcher’s double pedals insanity tempos and beats or Eddie Pickard’s the variety of shredding solos and mighty riffs like the chainsaw of the gods cutting the highest mountain in a first try and exploding the vulcanic form underneath the ground of Earth’s crest shaking the millions and terrifying more as the grinding tracks like Baptised Bastardised Sodomized, Behold The Kingdom of Wretched Undying or Paedophilic Ultimatum really could scarring you while you think about the truth shown by the signs of times that will soon ends …


Deliver Evil To Us (UNFD / Nuclear Blast 2015)


   Just like a plotted scenery that would shocking some of you – the christian world populations that the horror of self-destruction with suicide bombings happened like a tsunami through almost all the area on the Northern Hemisphere or European populated countries the most. France, Canada, US, London subway, Spain to Germany, Australia and even tourist destinations globally as the core problems incolving the clash of civilizations which by some experts already taken out from the lists of the causes and effects about how the world would ended. Thy Art Is Murder might not trying to compensates any of their brutal works of Extreme Death Rock and Metal manic sounds that will easily being banned from public place by the concern stupid parents. These Blacktown, Sydney group really influenced by most of the catastrophic events which happening louder in blast by killing hundreds and the attacks targeting westerners and christians really meant to be a frontal alerts for every single of you living in the surrounding inferior new world like this not tomorrow.
   Total chaotic themes that would insulting hatred and affections onto everyone whose listening to the band’s third studio album – Holy War. Striking the foremost displays of small children wearing veils or the other having explosives around his waist ready to blown up the world to die with him. The terror is real since 9/11 and the Charlie Hebdo tragedy as the rest of the rest-less and incompetent news agency keeps on giving inaccurate news for the public to consumed; making the hatred grows bigger, longer and Thy Art Is Murder got their own motives for recording this type of protest stories via Extreme Metal Music with Lee Stanton (drums), Sean Delander (bass, guitars), Andy Marsh (lead guitar) and Chris “CJ” McMahon brought the new terror within them pointy art of murderous acts that shall blown your parents and police chief away in burnt badly after the harder high-tense tracks of hate on Light Bearer, Violent Reckoning, Fur and Claw to Coffin Dragger (feat. Winston McCall). 

This world surely going to burn into ashes … 

Holy War:

Assemblage Surreal (Unique Leader 2011)

   San Francisco’s Deah Metal band naming themselves the place far away which already bombarded by US Army during the Iraqi war campaign – Fallujah will ripped your face off with their brutal aggression of total hatred sounds made into the blending of Melodic Death Metal and Progressive Rock, chopped your heads out with a cut for the devastating themes shovel up off their explosive killer tracks onto your throat for this releaseing of this debut powerful record from them – The Harvest Wombs acting like the silencer of lies and telling the shared truth about thousands which already dead in war under the name of liberty and justice but actually, only based on greedy liars of the wealthy countries. 

   Starring the five-piece members of the band: Alex Hoffman (vocals), Scott Carstairs and Rob Maramonte the double shredders with their destructive skills and slicer melodies as well as Robert Morey (bass) and Andrew baird (drums) using the three creatures born from the heat weather and smokey deserts, burning bodies and ability to make the world suffers the most right in time as Fallujah growling their first breath until the last; screaming out-lunged straight to the gates of heaven as this kind of Extreme Music shall shaking it through the full of painful sorrow songs like Cerebral Hybridization, Hallucination, Become One, Ritual of Godflesh and Prison of the Mind; while the left-overs locals are gaining their anger to kill the infidels, the soldiers went home carrying sickness diseases called mental disturbance from the killing fields.  

The Harvest Wombs:

Getcha Funeral Prey (Alfa Matrix 2007)

The blasting envisioned using dark humor and b-rated horrors with the lyrics and themes attached to the scary images of the band’s name Zombie Girl – a Canadian group or duo of Electro-Rock/Industrial Metal having itself build by music composer Renee Cooper and producer Sebastian Komor maybe trying to follow the eerie footsteps of another Industrial legend from the North – Skinny Puppy using the mixing of creepy Rock N’ Roll grooves and synthesizers noises and releasing this album of Blood, Brains and Rock N’ Roll which needing like couple years before an entering more places including US market due to their front cover/inlay being banned because of the inappropriate art-displays but too much audiences already loving the brain-dead musicians like them and these Edmonton’s duet finding themselves starting to get very infamous for the songs like Jesus was a Zombie, Creature of The Night, Living Dead Superstar,Go Zombie and Dance of The Headless Corpse. Meet the tracks that shall be your doomsday soundtrack when zombies attack the living, destroys civilizations or bring chaotic insecurity as an outbreak conclusion; among the good standard beats of hunger feasting for the undead to pleased and te sensual vocals from Renee Cooper Komor the lyricist with Sebastian R. omor doing the music instruments, lyrics written and producer. Zombie Girl might never sounded this damn sexy !

Blood, Brains & Rock n' Roll:

Hope Be One All (Columbia Records 2014)

Inducing their introduction of Alternative Rock and Indie Music as a new faces for Pop-Rock world; Haerts releasing their self-titled album Haerts because you didn’t know that the band’s music is awesomely teenage-friendly, good-times guaranteed and clean smart harmony for free so that you can dancing slow to their exciting music which combining sweet beats and clever lyrics just like the modern version of New Wave plus the proper touch from Rn’B background trends lately. These Brooklyn Indie Pop members of Hearts - Benjamin Gebert, Derek McWilliams, Garrett Lenner, Jonathan Schmidt and Nini Fabi can become the next Alt-Pop bands like The Cardigans or The Sundays which requiring more efforts and hard working to kept their music unique just like the tracks that you can taste from Haerts album like Giving Up, Wings, Hemiplegia, Call My Name or No one Needs to Know forcing you not to wait and see but spiritually, react for finding true meaning of life while enjoying it responsibly. Such a great recording release with an artistic semi-nude picture of the frontwoman on the cover – giving the example how art needs to talk in a quiet symbols to change your opinion on time.  


Tunnel Of Soul (Self-Released 2014)


   Captivity Gardens The Left Eye provided itself with the most intense of ambitious multi-fictional concepts where the country seems too kind for providing the essence of its rootsy sense of both theatrics and melodramatic but no this case for the releasing of Italian Death Metal band – WormHole; the resume of this album might totally commemorates and blasting like volcanic eruption of Mount Etna in space where Technical Death Metal extremely taken over the leading role as you shall (either) hated or loving how the trio members of WormHole: ArmandoD’Arienzo (guitars, vocals), Luca Valerio (drums) and Olaf Gramagra (vocals, bass guitar) with the vocal colours sounded similar and scary to the little bit like The Fields of Nephilim as some parts of the song intros or the bridging might showing you about how simply but highly tent assistance from the band to creating a non-monotonous Extreme Metal music for the masses and some of you will agree that WormHole’s ideas are reasonable and successful to build a kind of brutal aspects to understanding suspended animations that the group’s brought onto us on this ocassion.
   From Silence of Space to Noise of Trees, Path to Astrays, Decalogue of Conversation and Land of New Garden or White Worm then Black Butterfly as well as In The Court of The Alien King to expecting the core story for telling us about the near future transcends secrets revealed and the Hollow Earth Captivity.  

Captivity Gardens The Left Eye:

Tripped Fiction (Columbia Records 1995)


   Meaning a person who is blamed or punished for the faults or incompetence of others exactly fits for the Irish’s Indie Rock group – Whipping Boy that emerging active between the time around eighty nine through the nineties consisting of the members of Colm Hassett, Myles McDonnell, Fearghal McKee and Paul Page as a quartet from Dublin that might tentatively stole your attentions with their attractive melodies and sweet Celtic Pop-Rock six strings blend and the cool natural vocals even doing their quite sweet-stential forms of Shoegaze and Post-Punk dragging the slower cold medium distortions like a whip hitting the low-keys, creepy stage performance or the facts that - this band would gladly finding themselves under the shady shadow of The Bad Seeds eating too much candies and Lou Reed’s lost tapes as the name of the band changes from Lolita and The Whipping Boy to the one as you know them now with Heartworm.
   Remarking the spotless existence of yourself in the milky way galaxy through Twinkle or When We Were Young to the romantic dead arrival via The Honeymoon is Over and We Don’t Need Nobody Else as well as Personality. 

It’s not right to be silent when you got to sing and comforts others in needed for hope. 


Ordo Scarlet Ab Chao (Osmose Productions 2001)


Sharing about their beliefs and the main ideas among redemption, violence or depressions in an almost accurate precision of the classic raw brutal Symphonic Black Metal alliance under the unholy name of sacred Anorexia Nervosa hailed themselves as the five-piece extreme underground Metalheads whom loved the fast chords, riffs and devastation drumming screaming their lungs-out as the blackest of blacks containing inside the sub-genre music for the deads and the insane livings must be applied like this in purest shape possible with blasphemous lyrics like Chatiment De la Rose to Stabat Mother Dolorosa coming in awaken of evil-incarnates storming and mind-blowing concepts which may not accepted by mostly of the relevant stupid and ignorant persons the first time when they're hearing them of later after several minutes of torturing music for hellish headbangers intently didn't fucking care to the reactions to telling the truth to the world via Satanism and brutality attached onto this album - New Obscurantis Order. As the woman try to sacrificing her own son just like Jesus of Nazareth did, the freaking almost deaf listeners and fanatic fans would burn a church or two again as commanded by the five heads filled themselves with Extreme Black Metal seeds providing the burst and the explosions deranged within its core sounds and fire-breathing music performing great and excessive by RMS Hreidmarr (vocals), Pierre Couquet (bass, vocals), Neb Xort (keyboards, vocals), Nilcas Vant (drums, vocals) and Maitre Stefan Bayle (guitars, vocals) melting your religious face off with Le Portail De la Vierge and The Altar of Holocausts. Ripping your mommy and sisters for offerings as the ensigned hollow minds and your empty heart with dark perspective and total destructive harmonies of raw Black Metal; capturing the souls with the spells of possession as the ritual has took place for thus sacrificial victims, leaving the mansion haunted.

As Black Metal record keeps extremely banging louder on the basement ...

New Obscurantis Order:

Semblance Empyrean (Candlelight Records 2008)


Moving from Phoenix, Arizona to New York or Los Angeles probably is a good idea for this Melodic Black Metal and Deathcore group Abigail Williams that naming after the infamous woman accused for witchcrafting, trials and imprisoned in Salem's witch hunting season on the late sixty-nine era. The mystic darker themes and lyrics coloring the band's music as they're can be considered for having the same level as the previous pioneering of Black Metal from Northern Scandinavia territory as well the exploding brutality consisting on the veins of Abigail Williams' sounds which very certain evil and distinctively dangerous. From their classic debut full studio album - In The Shadows of a Thousand Suns; you can totally hear the grinding double pedals as the background basic for the bursting eerie keyboard solos or the heavy riffs and extreme screaming satanic vocals that would blown most people not too commonly used to listening to this kind of pure underground sub-genre of Heavy Metal at it's worst form alive in performance. From the Ken Sorceron (vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass) or Ashley "Ellyllon" Jurgemeyer (keyboards and vocals) as the two founder of the band to Thomas G. Plaguehammer (bass) and Samus Paulicelli (drums) there shall be no weaken links so that the group really standing stronger and in wrath for destructions, avenging the comeback of darkness creeping from the distance dusk to once again covering and eliminates the light from your smiling life and the rest of modern world under the reign of their furious tracks anthem coloring the end of your days and welcoming the apocalypse such as Into The Ashes, The World Beyond, The Departure and Floods. You might liking it from the starts and signing the contract to taking side onto darkness and never comes back.

In The Shadows of A Thousand Suns:

Giamonios Anagantios Elembivos (Nuclear Blast 2007)


Winterthur, Zurich's Gothic Metal in symphonic Pagan roots release of second album from their Pagan Folk Metal music career - Slania perhaps is going to be one of their own classic masterpiece in these Folkish melodic mixing of Progressive traditional influenced with Death and dark themes from the ancient forest completes with the magical themes telling stories about elves, dwarves, trolls and wizards throught Eluveitie's Celtic heritage over the mighty performance from the band's personnel - Chrigel Glanzmann (vocals, acoustic guitar, uillean pipes, mandolin, bodhran, tin and low whistles), Anna Murphy (hurdy gurdy, vocals), Ivo Henzi and Simeon Keoch (guitars, vocals), Meri tadic (violin, vocals), Rafi Kirder (bass, vocals), Merlin Sutter (drums, vocals) and Sevan Kirder (irish flute, tin whistle, bagpipes) with several additional musicians among friends collaborating for this album to be sounded unique, powerful and epic as you and other audiences would gladly, agree. Like beginning your journey through the path into the dark woods, crossing high mountains and snowy peaks to the depth of puzzling cobble-stoned steps somewhere in the middle of nowhere land among the swampy and vulcanic places in determining passion for finding the new settlement called home - surviving the wilderness might be the essence main story for this recording to mark as the soundtrack for that dangerous and magical journey as you might meet the un-avoidable trolls or spending nights on the elves kingdom and villages as well as having an unpleasant encounters with greedy dwarf inside their caves. Slania must be a superb masterpiece from the Folk-Pagan and Celtic Metal scene which having all the greatness in both mellowed harmonies and bashing mid-tempo metallic cultural heavy beats that could leaving you breathless and wanted for more of thus epic romance of traditional extreme Metal resonance like this one from Eluveitie again. Let the conquering feet and mighty hands led your sword and arrows towards the field of battles and liberate the victory under the magnificent tracks combining beauty and wrath in consciousness instinct of Symphonic Heavy Metal enclosing within The Somber Lay, Inis Mona, Tarvos or Bloodstained Ground; lifted and carried out back on the shield as heroes or living for another battle tomorrow as legends. Perfect warfare anthems for thus whom carving the old ancient European roots of classic culture, adventurous marauder tinged headbanging sound of music.


Night Forest Menu Theme (Chillingo 2012)


   So you got into a game where you acting as a survival against the zombie apocalypse in the gore land which actually, sized in mini but not everything would be as small as you while choosing characters on the survivors list like the famous John Gore or Enviro-Bear and even Jenny Gore with guest stars. Welcome to Minigore 2 Zombies game (created by mountain Sheep); where the horror and carnage fights against the dead living horde coming in levels up like waves making sure that gamers will be very satisfied with the difficulties they have to facing in every phases. The plenty selection of any kinds of guns from machine gun, sheep launcher, super shotgun and mini gun are here including the machete, axe, hammer and chainsaw - helping you guys to surviving this blood-bathing quite friendly game for average children and adults. The soundtrack made presence here listed and published with more great provision images for multiple platforms. Choose your own hardland as you might finally, kill Matusalem the evil villain whose kidnapping Jenny Gore and save her in the end. Move your steps faster cause the horde of mini-zombies, giant zombies, evil viking pigs and rabid rabbits will always making their attack moves on you for the slaughtering result and end your missions. Either on Sunny Lake to Graveyard and Frozen Plains background music, you need to focus and concentrates not to be killed but put them the hordes of undead mobs into blood-bath and collecting more coins and health pack. Minigore 2 Zombies is a fun game which giving you more pleasures to slaying evil deeds back to the abyss as well as visiting the horror merchant's floating caravan for more interesting stuff and reclaiming the avenged winning in total hooray !!!


Raise Wicked Hell (Roc Nation 2016)


   Another Los Angeles newer group led by a female vocalist Dorothy Martin as well as the drummer Dylan Howard, guitarist DJ Black and bass player Gregg Cash trying their lucks for the Hard Rock world of a smaller and competitive California area. Blending the best rocking vocals off Ms. Martin distinctive vocals and a signaled sending by The Rolling Stones magazine for anyone to knowing  this band quartet existence today; giving kind of opportunities of more opening door policy on banging the font door of tha mainstream Pop culture as the album is called Rockisdead of the band Dorothy slowly climbing up to the position of 129 off the Billboard charts as concluded the singles releasing by them such as the headbanging rock anthems on Bang Bang Bang, Misille, Medicine Man or Gun in My Hand and the redemption offering from the musicians to some of the inspirational people on their times pioneering inventories. Great Bluesy vocals, awesome harmonica, good background blocking as well – locking the audiences focus sights and ears listening only this cross-over of Heavy Rock meets the Wild Wild West – lending by some movies or tv shows as their ads-song for one way trip to go – either Whiskey Fever, Kiss It or Shelter. Lovely vocals and great licks given for free by the six strings hero. Medicine Men After Midnight …


Metallians March (Century Media 2004)


Written themes about Heavy Metal, love, battles, evil and dragons for the complete chapter of these Gothenburg, Sweden five-piece Power Metal band Dream Evil must be one of the most groups surfacing on the revolution of Metal music reborn back in the midst of the new millennium era as they're releasing the third studio recording full force and sounded like the real Heavy Metal ultimate album - The Book of Heavy Metal which containing the brave and couragous metallic riffs, melodic solos and various chords with the mid-tempo drumming blast and great rhythms and bass-lines completely solid for this scandinavian metalheads releases by far. You shall never stop headbanging and the effects of Dream Evil's total performance will rocking you from monday to sunday just as powerful as that; as the emerging line-up actually supported by some famous names already craving the realm of Metal worldwide as the band's consisting of drummer Snowy Shaw, Fredrik Nordstrom (rhythm guitar), Gus G (lead guitar), Peter Stalfors (bass) and Niklas Isfeldt (vocals) slamming the audiences with The Sledge, Crusaders' Anthem, Let's make Rock, The Mirror to No Way - binge the crowds and the stereo shall bouncing chaotically for this band giving their masterpiece performance over the top by this one !!!

The Book of Heavy Metal: