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Lema Sabachthani (Not On Label 2016)


   Of Heavy Metal, Gothic Rock and Dark Electro mixing ready to blown you away while listening to this recording that really fits for any of modern teenage horror slasher/vampire movies as they're hailing themselves from Lille, Nord-Pas-de-Calais under the baptizing name of The Losts (perhaps) related to the influential Lost Boys or something closer to that. In their a little bit sloppy beats of crazy Avant-Garde meets Thrash and Speed kills tempo in weird variations; these French Metalheads quartet - GGV (bass), JCR (drums), YGC (guitars, mandolin) and DGC (guitar, vocals) representing their debut album ... Of Shades & Deadlands which sounded so English and not too bad to swallow but kind of reminding you for the amateur side-project of S.O.A.D members on a non-commercial blood bank organization owned by bloodsuckers. Thirteen tracks on this record might giving you reasons to headbanging or bite someone in the dark small alley one day but for now just feel the little flickers of excitement from Freewings Are Burning, Motorcry, Never Come Never Gone, Holy Faces of Conspiracy and Venus Kills Mars in standard blasting of loudest volume down your hidden dungeon cause the world can wait for the next day to be tortured ...