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Where All Stories End (Peaceville 2012)


Consisting of Jon Aldara (vocals), Janne Pertilla and Sami Yli-Sirnio (guitars), Kasper Marteson (keyboards), Olli-Pekka Laine (bass) and Marko Tarvonen (drums) are the incomparable magnetic unit of Progressive Death Metal from Uusimaa, Helsinki - that will bringing some of their demolishing beats of extreme Metal music and vocals with the very amusing and artistic background sounds too. These band calling themselves Barren Earth already recording and released their first record but the next second album - The Devil's Resolve must be one of the most highlighted recording made by this group since the beginning of their metal journey. The powerful combinations of both melodic and authentical characteristic skills and extremity force driven beats must be awarded with your salutation for their good hard works here on these metallic crusty tracks like Passing Of The Crimson Shadows in almsot seven minutes more or the traditional standard attack of Pagan Folk Metal warrior lyrics on Vintage Warlords and more songs anthemic enough for your inglorious winning soundtrack after clashing and killings most of the enemies out in the bloody field mixed with snow and restless painful spirits of the dying ones. The epic Death Metal with its most Progressive edges patronizing the heat and the anger of both rivalry and unity under the blade, under the spear and under the reign of Death Metal Extreme army from Finland that's coming from afar fast to raiding your castle and your village, burning them all to the ground until nothing left to be remembered from you and your kin's air.

The Devil's Resolve: