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Vaunting Veins (Independent 2012)


The complete line-up is Danial Mathias Muller (bass, vocals, hammered dulcimer and autoharp), Jonathan Teachey (drums, cajon,vocals), Wayne Ingram (guitars, acoustic, mandolin, keyboards and tambourine) of this Boston, Mass Symphonic Folk Metal and Piracy influences band - Wilderun; that also playing their traditional Folksongs both Americans and teh originals onto same ballad themes lyrics (probably) would surprising you and others a bit due to not too many bands like this had been produce by the US Metal scene nowadays. Feel The Carribeanor Tortuga breezing of a windy atmosphere as your sailing journey begins here; Olden Tales & Deathly Trails really close-capturing those background kind of feeling right behind Wilderun's extremity growling vocals and solid Classical Progressive Metal touches. Have yourself a great adventurous trip with Storm Along, Suncatcher and The Coasts of High Barbaree, matey !

... Set sail now you cockroaches scum, har har !!!

Olden Tales & Deathly Trails: