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Thundershower Fiancee (Warner Bros. Records 1995)

   Step back and move along the currents of nineties Alternative Rock raising force and you might find the small alley leads to this New Yorker group Fossil led by two New Jersians Bob O’Gureck (vocals, guitars) and Randy Staley (guitar, backing vocals) with the completed edition in four piece quartet drummer Tom Cottone and Neil Mosc (bass player) playing the most harmony and Jangling Pop aroma of the best part for the early Alternative Rock scene in US spawning several great names from R.E.M to Jellyfish and more.
   Fossil’s debut album as the self-titled spreading much tracks in romantic and art-tual articulated lyrics like the beautiful Josephine Baker or Martyr’s Wife to Moon and Tim; giving the trending market various choices to grab and to fell in love with through this first recording Fossil.
   Fourteen songs in one underrated Poppish Alt-Rock record isn’t enough to becoming a gift or apologizes after you breaking a girl’s heart …