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Thunder Chariots (Nuclear Blast 1998)

   An active Industrial Metal band from Bergen, Norway that brought the technology against ignorance Metal-tronic Music in the great mixing with Extreme Black Metal that discussing various lyrics mostly about nihilism, astrological misanthropy, atheism as the band changing their name from Covenant to The Kovenant due to copyrighted issue. The consisting members on this second studio album considerable as their best so far – Nagash (bass, vocals), Hellhammer (drums), Sverd (keyboards), Blackheart (guitars) and Sarah Jezebel Deva on soprano vocals might probably capturing the group’s best interest as the performance shall dragging much attentions faster than they’re thinking within the blueish mysterious of space-witchcrafting symbolized on the front cover whilst the awesome keyboards play in decent melodies as well as the hollowed dark fantasy sounds among the classic Black Metal in synthesizers blasting the silence out through Nexus Polaris; the ultimate Symphonic Rock vomiting their cranking crackling amazing grunted vocals or land-mining’s double pedal drumming that kills within the tracklist available here from Bringer of the Sixth Sun, The Sulphur Feast or Planetary Black Elements which eventually leading small mistakes to disaster of small steps to glorification as chosen by you and the forgotten few – scratching and screaming swallowing New World Order mixing solutions – killing more and more but leaving less in an excellent quality …

Nexus Polaris: