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The Toilet Gates Of Heaven (RPM Records 1993)


   One of the most bizarre acts format of a complete band turned from a solo project lead by the transgender vocalist from Georgia Wayne County whose forming the band as Queen Elizabeth then later on changing her gender identity as well as the band’s name to Jayne County and the band recruits some names while moving to London by Greg Van Cook including Val Haller (bass) and drummer Chris Dust to transforming the group sound to a more campy Punk Rock and Bluesy ballads inspired also recording some albums too. Touring hard to almost reknown to forbidden places around Europe and getting bigger there than on Jayne’s own stateland – this band probably, being banned on the half of their tour destinations on the first years until the shining fame came closer to frontwoman Jayne County after her role on Jubilee movie by Derek Jarman about Punk Rock culture and after the dismissed of some original members and the nearly disbanded group. Lucky for you if you still having the chance to listening to their compilation album releasing later during the nineties under the title of Rock N’ Roll Cleopatra which filling with the gemstones of Glamour New Wave of Pop-Rock, Punk influenced and Hard Rock simplicity thus twenty songs included on it. Hardened and pivotal to the rooty bones of the early career to the lasting hatred emerges towards transgender transformations as part of blasphemous or AIDS spreading genre branches really put an effects on the forwarding steps for the band like this but nothing lasts forever as you still can cranking up thus songs of Mean Muthafuckin’ Man, Worry Wart, Boy with a Stolen Face or Evil Minded Momma and Speed Demon and the salutation anthem for everyone whose having same issues like Jayne/Wayne County the first tme on Man Enough to be a Woman.
   Freaking weirdy chilling Punk circus-rodeo to think but also cannot easily left behind for not thinking of it either.

Rock N' Roll Cleopatra: