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Slow Kill Sequel (Beggars Banquet 1987)


   The debut album from Fields of The Nephilim; a Stevenage, Hertfordshire's Gothic Rock band led by Carl McCoy with their incorporates pyschedelic progressive and electronic clashing music with eerie lyrics and cold atmosphere beats terrorizing any anti-Goth music dumb people but praised highly respectful by the fanatic fans of this music genre lovers and through this album Downrazor - the resemblance literature of the colliding characters between the mixes of Ennio Morricone and Clint Eastwood really established the band's figures in the UK's Gothic Rock scene during the midst of the eighties. The intense beats, exploding angst and cult influences spreading towards the world around them to your stereo system within the forbidden standard or colder tracks such as Volcane (Mr. Jealousy Has Returned), Vet For The Insane, Reanimator to Dust. Consisting of live band with double guitarists Peter Yates and Paul Wright, bassist Tony Pettite and drummer Alexander Wright as the forntman himself Carl McCoy leading his group crawling the staircases off the darken basement to re-open the hellish effects as the audiences will truly suffocate by the god-forbid music from these evil giants descendants mighty hands of the dead touch ...