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Shake Me Rock Bar (Faith & Hope 1999)


For you out there who loved to dancing easy in joy, humming the slower sing or just having lots of happy thoughts inside your mind but you didn't know how to do a great starting party for reaching a climax high point then you needed a help and that thing might be brought as solution to you and your friends by having these Manchester, England Alternative Electro-Trip Hop group Mint Royale on your stereo system. Meet and greet with them, they're nice lads with great choices of up-tighter smooth danceable sounds maker; formed by the duo of Neil Claxton and Chris Baker and the righty pick for this ocassion should be the group's debut album - On The Ropes, the creative various mixing of all the good music style ever exists in the modern world and foremost - the bif beats gladness values that glancing through thus harmonic melodies arrangements by the duo and featuring some awesoem vocals from Julia Baker, Lauren Laverne, Debbie Newman or Gail Hebson as well as the additional musicians such as guitarist Dave Diamond, Amul Batra (tabla), Victor Smalls (drums, percussions) to Richard Woolgar; enchanting most of thus fun and joyful tracks recorded in it like Because I'm Worth It, Diagonal Girl, Don't Falter and Space Farm to Deadbeat - making the small party happier and the boring surroundings shall turn out to be an amazing crazy circus with incredible sightings and attractions after you play this album on !

On The Ropes: