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Seeds Of Virgin Receiver (Century Media 2003)


The blackened darkest souls of Black Metal in F5 scale type tornado force as it touchingdowns just like a fallen angel uncovered its disguises would be sounded as what you didn't expect to find here; a latent danger of raw and noisy recording from the Norwegian cursed Black Metal iconic group Old Man's Child that carrying their aggressive attacking symphonies of The Underworld Domains to destroying the light of your life to zero by exploding these repetoir tracks of destruction and horrific terrors taken from the great album - In Defiance Of Existence, which contains of sickening tumors idealistic like Agony Of Fallen Grace, Sacrifice Of Vengeance or questioning the sanity of a border between boredom and lunacy on In Quest Of Enigmatic Dreams.
Thus dark-anthemic possessed songs are written and performs by the band's best formation so far: Galder (vocals, guitar, bass, synths), Jardar (guitars), Gus G (guest solo guitar) and drummer Nicholas Barker whom shall pouring mystic fallen tears of blood-like miracles from the devilish creature's beauty eyes to once again deceiving the world of men ...

In Defiance of Existence: