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Poison Whiskey (MCA Records 1973)


   The best damn legendary debut from the finest Southern Rock iconic group from Jacksonville, Florida – Lynyrd Skynyrd’s the infamous (Pronounced ‘Leh-‘nerd ‘Skin-‘nerd). The awesome band with its tremendous original line-ups fresh from the Southland to re-visited the visionary of it’s rooted music back to the mainstream again; led by The oldest of the Van Zant dynasty’s Ronnie (lead vocals, lyrics), lead guitarist/slide guitar Gary Rossington, Allen Collins (lead guitars), keyboardist Billy Powell, Ed King (rhythm guitars, bass) and the drummer Bob Burns with bassist Leon Wilkeson and more additional players, which this rocking record permanently contains some of the most famous songs highlighted here to becoming national-wide unofficial rock anthems across the US soil – from the amazing almost ten minutes epic rock session on Free Bird, the slow-tunes with dignity on Tuesday’s Gone or the heroic, sad but wiser lyrics on the soulful Simple Man mostly written by the duet of Rossington/Van Zant and Collins as well as this debut album proudly produced by Al Kooper a/k/a Roosevelt Gook, giving the life breatheren to these Southern rockers turned sooner to be famous legends in the Southern Rock scene or history. The picture in front cover showing the complete band members, the struck of ill-fated unluck will going to happens to the band later on in tragic and since that – this seventies awesome group shall never will be recovered within the reunion or the comeback …