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Painless Misery (Holy Records 1998)

   The Various Artists compilation to salute the legacy mist of Gothic Metal scarring made by the British Steel group Paradise Lost which already influencing many genre not only Goth-Metal along their Extreme Metal career days. Taken from every album releases by Paradise Lost and completed fixed to re-recording the hardest or indifferent kind of ways through Death Metal, Black Metal, Doom Metal and Goth itself represents by these fine newer names as an upgrader guardians of the faith in Heavy Metal World highlighted here such as the opener band Gloomy Grim with Say Just Words, Argile’s As I Die, Eternal by Yearning, Godsend tackling Gothic or Nightfall with Lost Paradise. One would feel so alienated while listening to this album, the emptiness and the phobia of being caged alone or the traumatized feelings in temporary bleeding shall slowly torturing you within these twelve tracks, dragging you into oblivion of void ...


As We Die For: