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Nocturnus Kindevillusion (Collective Sounds / Epic 2013)


   You can now considering Mr. Jason Newsted as a Heavy Metal heroic veteran since the first day he'd busting the bass guitars for Flotsam and Jetsam to the long legendary periods with Metallica and lasting Voivod line-up but this Battle Creek, Michigan born metalhead musician keeps getting bored for not too exposing himself in totality and because of that egomanic idea, Jason Curtis Newsted finally decided to put his own Metal Music show as the band project forming under the moniker of Newsted (simply according on himself) quickly recruits Jesus Mendez Jr on drums, Jessie Farnsworth the rhythm and lead guitarist to Mike Mushok (of Staind) on lead shreddings backing up Jason as the leader, lead singer and bass master on its debutant releasing named Heavy Metal Music which as you can detect from the title should be enough to giving you the proof of how "Heavy" this album should be sounded. One will not calling themselves a loyal Metalhead without having intuition for awesome beasty tracks within power-raging tempo and bigger grooves initializing on injects through a fucking good album and for that you should be proud of yourself for having this album on your grips over the crashing skillful ahead of metallic performance on King Of The Underdogs, Soldierhead, Long Time Dead or Futureality. The eleventh anthemic terror smashing beats shall entirely destroying your ears or crushing thus lame heart in quick squeeze for this band won't taking or leaving prisoners behind for this kind of Metal blast performance. Everyone will know the entire complete collective thoughts and metallic-talents of Jason Newsted after listening to this album even it's true that some big fans will dissing this effort the first try-out but surely you need to go futher deep to re-collect the essence cranking Metal sounds of Mr.Newsted through the influences form all-over the places that not many men ever travelled before; the legacy of his previous gripping works with those awesome bands might delivering something powerful to catch on this first album.
   Let the riffages or the speeding tempos led you to a perfection of a New-Heavy Metal icon like Jason and his crusher troops of the Metal-nauts !

Heavy Metal Music: