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Invictus Ewigkeit (Lion Music 2006)


   Previously known to the Heavy Metal world as Danse Macabre then changed their name into the simplier to be called themselves as Satyrian. These seven piece Melodic Goth Metal band from northern Holland – Amsterdam to be exact are excellent band with talented members and proven well when they’re decided to recording and released the first studio record – Eternitas with the conclusion lyrics talked about mystic sadness, love or death and certainly, pain; highlighted the ultimate female dueling vocalists of the beautiful Judith “Ciara” Stuber and Kemi Vita with Roman Schonsee on male growler as well as Milos Maricevic the bass player, Merijn Mol (drums) and guitarist Jan “Orkki” Yrlund to pianist Oliver Phillips cranking the explosive beauty and beasty blasts of underground metal symphonies in tight clinging onto Gothic influences and heavier tones in banging your ears with My Legacy, Sacred Lies, The Bridge of Death, Feel the Rush or The Haunted Lovers as Satyrian brings their reluctant guilt and sensuality to be blended with blood and tears frozen by time into crystallized performance on Eternitas. Letting you slowly melt with their music into nothing that even yourself not noticing it – vanishing and abused by the terror-romance and symphonic sounds.