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Gold And Silver Minuteman (Tooth & Nail Records 1999)


   Consisting of Mark Solomon (vocals), Ryan Dennee (guitars), Dirk Lammenes (bass) and Sam West (drums) with Jeff Bellew on additional guitars; serving the audience with their third album - Speakeasy, this Huntington beach rock band Stavesacre trying to converts the secular world around them to goodness paths. With the combination of Modern Rock and Grunge repetoir and some amount of Hard Rock; this Christian based quartet formality normal aims might be lied on their tracks of Sundown Motel, River Underneath or St. Eriksplan in two parts. A good try-out distorted messages in simple tricks and fully loaded melody licks recorded on the album including the new fresh Modern Rock version of The Cure's cover track - Fascination Street.
   A third recording that naturally would drive an attention notice from hopeless people or good any Samaritans to do better or more kindness (even) in the desperated situation as we'll might see ...